The Howling: New Moon Rising (1995) (part 11 of 11)

Cut to Bob still outside Ted’s room with a rifle. Off in the distance, the Inspector and the Father are talking to Brock. They walk away from him, and then we cut to some clouds [?], and then we cut back to the two men still walking away.

The Father and the Inspector get to Ted’s motel room. The Inspector takes Bob’s rifle and hands it to the Father, and then the Inspector and Bob just walk off [?]. Um, what’s the plan here, gang? The Inspector and Bob then meet up with Brock and all three men head over to the bar. Is anybody following this? Once they get there, the Inspector announces to the crowd that he has something to say. We’ll never find out what, because we instantly cut to Cheryl in her pickup driving up to Ted’s motel room.

Father LaVey is outside, holding his head. He says Ted jumped him and ran away. Cheryl runs into Ted’s room and hears creaking coming from an attic door [?], so she calmly walks back out. Father LaVey tells Cheryl to stay there while he warns the town about Ted’s escape. Once he’s gone, Cheryl goes back inside and tells Ted he can come down now, and sure enough, Ted drops down from the cellar.

Cheryl grabs Bob’s rifle, hops in her truck, and beckons Ted to get in. The two head to Cheryl’s house. Cheryl doesn’t have her keys [??], so Ted uses some firewood to smash a window in the door. Once inside, Cheryl commands him to “Shut the drapes! We don’t want anyone to see you!” Or see that I was with you!

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Multi-Part Article: The Howling: New Moon Rising (1995)

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