The Howling: New Moon Rising (1995) (part 1 of 11)

The People of Pioneertown:
Clive Turner as Ted Ted (Clive Turner). The Australian from Howling V travels to a desert podunk named Pioneertown and gets a job at the local bar. His real intentions are more sinister, but not “sinister” in the sense of “he’s really a werewolf”, as the movie wants you to believe.
Ernest Kester as The Inspector The Inspector (Ernest Kester). Puffy-faced, slow-witted detective investigating strange murders in the high desert. Oxygen refreshes his brain and helps him think.
Jack Huff as Father JohnFather John (Jack Huff). A priest scarier than any werewolf you’ll ever encounter. Over multiple nights, he repeatedly explains to the Inspector that the bizarre murders are really the work of a werewolf.
Claude "Pappy" Allen as PappyPappy (Claude “Pappy” Allen). Owns the only bar in Pioneertown. Performs a couple of bland country songs nightly, and dreads being sober and alone with his wife.
Harriet Allen as HarrietHarriet (Harriet Allen). Pappy’s wife and co-owner of the bar. She also performs weak country songs from time to time. Tries to keep Pappy off the booze, but whether this is for his own health or to keep the bar from going bankrupt remains to be seen.
Sally Harkham as EveanneEveanne (Sally Harkham). A waitress at the bar. Often participates in seemingly demonic line-dancing in dark rooms. Apparently has a fetish for Willie Nelson look-alikes, because eventually she falls for Ted.
Jim Brock as BrockBrock (Jim Brock). Big fat bastard who sits at the bar all day, gets drunk, makes stupid jokes, and has acute difficulties spelling. Naturally, he becomes one of Ted’s best buds.
Jim Lozano as JimJim (Jim Lozano). The sleazy, half-awake bartender. Sleepily delivers exposition to Ted while sneaking liquor to Pappy. Also becomes one of Ted’s best buds.
Robert Morwell as BobBob (Robert Morwell). Plays guitar in the house band at Pappy and Harriet’s bar, which is the surest sign of a dead music career there is. Another one of Ted’s best buds.
Bonnie Lagassa as BonnieBonnie (Bonnie Lagassa). With her Cloris Leachman hair and man-hating attitude, she naturally throws a jealous fit when Ted shows an interest in Eveanne. As a result, she does everything she can to prove that Ted is behind the murders.
Dolores Silver as DoloresDolores (Dolores Silver). Has a remarkably lax attitude when it comes to getting police involved with a murder she discovered. Owns a truck with big monster tires that is surely the bane of outdoor desert chili cook-offs everywhere.
Cheryl Allen as CherylCheryl (Cheryl Allen). The hottest girl in Pioneertown. Which, going by Bonnie and Dolores, isn’t saying much. Or anything, really. The last name indicates she’s Pappy and Harriet’s daughter in real life, but here she’s just another employee at the bar who finds Ted suspicious.
Jaro Prikopsky as JaroJaro (Jaro Prikopsky). The bouncer. Has a fondness for sleeping in. His only prominent trait (besides his goofy accent) is that chili has a remarkably quick effect on his digestive system.
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Multi-Part Article: The Howling: New Moon Rising (1995)

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