VIDEO: The Gingerdead Man (2005)

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In this video from the Blood Splattered Archives, the Guru takes on a film where Gary Busey plays a killer gingerbread man. Yes, this film exists!

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  • David F White

    That dinner looks like the set for Cher Lloyd’s “Want you back” Video??? Cher lloyd as a killer in a slasher movie??? Sounds cool!!!!

  • $36060516

    Too bad the Porn Critic doesn’t seem to be around anymore; I was thinking of suggesting you do a crossover called “Splooge Splattered Cinema.”

    I wonder if Busey’s fee was big (at least by the standards of Full Moon) and so they could only afford to have him for four hours — two at the restaurant and two in the audio recording booth. Maybe the rat thing was even just an improv he came up with in the booth while someone was getting his latte “Wouldn’t it be funny if he threatened a rat?” Speaking of which, that rat scene was a truly excellent example of Buse-anity, though it has some competition if you’re gonna go ranking ’em… such as the movie where he dies and becomes a dog instead of a gingerbread man.

  • Animikean

    Oh my god,
    I saw Terrorvision as a child just after our scary neighbor got a satellite on his home. I haven’t seen it since, had nightmares for weeks after and have hardly found anyone who’s heard of the movie.

    please, please review it.
    If for nothing else, for the really disturbing scene in the bed

    • The Horror Guru

      I’d love to, but I think Count Jackula has staked claim on that one and while I don’t subscribe to “reviewer dibs,” more than likely we’ll be riffing that one together in preparation for his video and a lot of my good jokes will be on display in his.

      • Animikean

        Will look forward to that ;D

  • Necroglobule

    This movie was a disappointment because there wasn’t a kill where Busey’s gingerbread man pulls someone’s endocrine system out of their body and makes a hat out of it.

    But seriously, Busey is fucking glorious.

    • The Horror Guru

      A-fucking-greed, my friend!