Fantastic Four (2005) (part 1 of 3)

Fantastic Four - Extended Edition [NOTE: This is a recap of the original, theatrical cut of Fantastic Four. There’s a two-disc extended version out now on DVD, with an additional 20 minutes (20 minutes!) of footage. I won’t be buying it, but you’re more than welcome to get the extended edition from Amazon and post all about the added footage in the comments thread!]

This weekend is the big premiere of Rise of the Silver Surfer, the sequel to 2005’s Fantastic Four. And I just now realized that I never gave my take on the original film. It’s something I meant to do sooner, considering this site’s big Mega Recap (formerly known as a Mega Review) of the unreleased 1993 version of The Fantastic Four, which was posted just in time to cash in on coincide with the release of 20th Century Fox’s big budget version.

Since there’s not enough time to do a proper recap of the 2005 version, and because the movie doesn’t really warrant that kind of deep analysis anyway, I’m going to attempt something a little different this time. Later in this recap, I’m going to present the entire film to you entirely through screencaps and captions. Yes, this is a Screencap Recap, and while I wish I could take credit for inventing this kind of recap, it’s been all over the ol’ blog-o-sphere for some time now. But hopefully, the people who saw the movie can use this as a refresher, and those who didn’t will get a good idea of what it’s like to endure this film.

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Multi-Part Article: Fantastic Four (2005)

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