The Fantastic Four (1993) (part 6 of 7)

Caption contributed by Albert

And the total number of believable lines of dialogue in this movie is…

After that stylish “4” wipe transition, we find ourselves immersed in the throes of science. Mysterious liquids are seen being extracted through little plastic tubes into hermetically cleaned and sanitized test tubes (of science!). Reed scribbles some notes onto his pad and stares intently through a microscope, while Ben stands off to the side and stares intently at his fingers. That can only be entertaining for so long, so we move on to some awkward and emotionless dialog from Sue.

As one might have inferred from previous conversations between Reed and Sue, there’s some… let’s call it “chemistry” happening between these two. Having been madly in love with Reed from an uncomfortably young age, Sue still has problems approaching him. This is never more apparent than in her upcoming speech. She moves behind Reed and watches him in silence for a moment while she works up the nerve to speak. Finally she breaks the tension with a breathy “Reed?”

Caption contributed by Steve

Reed learns the consequences of rinsing out the Grecian Formula too soon.

Reed turns to face her. This is when I really noticed the lighting scheme in the room. Among the blue glowing computer screens and other instrument panels, someone has apparently hidden a black light. Not that this is too weird, but it does have the unfortunate effect of making the twin shocks of white hair on Reed’s temples glow a nice healthy purple. Having sent his mating signal to Sue with his gleaming locks, Sue presses onward with her speech.

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Multi-Part Article: The Fantastic Four (1993)

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