The Fantastic Four (1993) (part 3 of 7)

Caption contributed by Albert

Vixen in my dreams, with great surprise to me … Never thought I’d see your face, the way it used to be…

The film jumps forward ten years, helpfully indicated by a rather large caption reading “TEN YEARS LATER”. Well, at least no one can accuse Sassone of being vague.

Cut from stock footage of the New York City skyline to the Baxter Building (the name of which is shown by a large banner that someone has kindly hung on the front of the building). Inside his lab, Reed shows Ben the image of a silly-looking rocket, on his silly-looking TV, which has a silly-looking blue neon strip running through it. “So, you want me to fly that hunka junk?” Ben asks.

Reed retorts, “That hunk of junk’s better than anything you’ve ever flown in the Air Force!” This film certainly pulls no punches when it comes to exposition, I’ll say that much.

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David Bowgett

While my website may have fallen off this Earth due to a negligent host and my own time constraints, rest assured I still keep my eyes on what the world of horrid films has to offer, and am still yet to have my say on a few of them!

Multi-Part Article: The Fantastic Four (1993)

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