The Exorcist: Repossessed - This Time It's Personal

We start where we left off. Beautiful but dumb Father Tomas has brought the family Rance, plus faded movie star Chris MacNeil, over to the Convent of the Chosen Nuns to say good-bye to Casey before she can be belladonna-ed by Mother Bernadette.

Once the demon sees Angela, it gets a second wind and then some. Casey greets the family much in the way any out of control teen might, except in a deeper voice, and with telekinesis. Angela is referred to as “the sow.” Chris is reminded she’s gotten old – which really hurts. The demon tells Kat he was the one standing in the road when she crashed the car, and also the one who loosened a screw in the scaffold causing Henry’s fall. It guilt trips Angela for “giving up” on Casey and telling Tomas that she thought her daughter was gone, and it slams Henry against a wall just because it can.

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Marcus makes them wait in the hallway, where Chris reminisces about Father Meron – the original brand exorcist what gave his life, along with Father Karras, so that her little girl might be free. If you are going to keep bringing up the original, mightn’t someone point out that the whole point of Father Karras’ death was self-sacrifice? He lured the demon into him and then killed himself so it would die too. What good was the sacrifice if the demon didn’t die? And why did it wait forty years to manifest itself? Did the internets have to be invented to track down Angela?

Angela tells Chris, Henry, and Kat to go home and pack because once this thing is done, they’ll all need to amscray before the police arrest Casey for the murder of those two ambulance workers. Angela will stay and help because only she can. When the others step outside of the convent, there are tons of press and maybe the same crowd that was hanging outside of their house, plus police, all of whom presumably followed them over. Mother Bernadette tells everyone to get off her lawn or she’ll call the cops. The detective who is NOT superintendent Jaffey asks if he can come inside and have a look around. She tells him she’d prefer he didn’t without a warrant, and goes back in, locking the door.

One tough nun.

In Chicago, not even the nuns talk to cops.

Over at Cherry’s cozy trailer, Mr. Cherry is attending to Bennett’s wounds sustained in last week’s kerfuffle at Tattersal while Cherry makes an anonymous call to the cops about the bodies in the boiler room. Then she crushes her burner phone with a Chicago snow-globe because that’s how bad ass she is.

Back at the exorcism, Tomas tells Marcus they need to bait the whale – which sounds like a bad translation and not body shaming, and by which he means they should bring Angela into the room since she is the only one who’s beaten the demon before, and it’s not going well. Marcus surprisingly decides to do it even though Tomas is always wrong. Marcus warns Angela to RUN if she feels the slightest twinge of the demon getting into her head, and he also tells her to distract the demon with mundane details while they pray and throw around some holy water. Sounds like a solid plan. What could go wrong?

The news shows bodies being taken out of Tattersal, as Bennett talks to the Cardinal about the demonic plot, and he names Maria Walters, Brother Simon, and Superintendent Jaffey. The Cardinal agrees the pope’s visit must be stopped.

Over at Rance House, Chris offers to kick out her tenant and let the family move into her Palm Springs home, but Henry says they need to go to Canada because the police will never find them there.  Yeah, him and a few million other Americans, seeking refuge in the Great White North.

Returning to the exorcism, there’s a lot of shaky camerawork. Everybody is praying. The demon is telepathically communicating with Angela, but of course she’s not running, or letting Marcus know. Angela gets transported back to the basement of the house in Georgetown where it all began. She sees her young self playing with the Ouija board.

Angela meets “the salesman” for the first time in the series, and recognizes him as the photographer who took her photo when she was six. He is wearing a red suit that looks like a doorman’s uniform – although this might have something to do with the red feather we saw earlier.

A bold fashion statement.

A bold fashion statement.

Is he creating this as a vision, or has he actually brought her back to the moment?  It’s unclear, but Regan is unaware of them, and he’s made her almost comatose, but for the drool coming out of her mouth. Angela sees her glamorous mother come down the stairs  to tell Regan to come on up and say hello to her gay best friend, film director Burke Dennings, and this should be a big clue for the turn things are going to take because Regan was the one who, while possessed, twisted Burke’s head around and tossed him out a window.

Angela comes back to the present where the demon continues to make Casey jerk her body violently around the bed, and you’d think if they had chains for her ankles and wrist, they might also want to get restraints to keep her from the herky-jerky. Everybody starts reciting the act of contrition – which is kind of a generalized confession without getting into specifics. Those recitation seems to rattle the demon who threatens to spin Casey’s head around, but this is a bit confusing as the head spinning killed the boy in Mexico, but Regan lived through it, though you gotta wonder whether or not her neck aches a little bit when the weather’s damp. Angela physically lays hands on Casey to stop the demon who is about to “give the people what they want” – the show’s most meta line – because who doesn’t want to see the 360? Or at least the 180?

But somehow the repetition of the correct magic words is enough to shake the demon right out of Casey. Her shackles come off. She levitates while continuing to jerk around, and then she falls back down on the bed. It’s not a gentle landing and it looks for a moment like she might be dead, but then she calls out to her mom, and it’s time for the hugs. Next comes a fade-out and then everything is bathed in a glowy dream light and seems slightly slow-mo as Tomas carries Casey outside, where the crowd is still assembled and the cop is still there, maybe waiting for his warrant. Both Angela and Tomas ride in the ambulance that takes a now unconscious Casey to the hospital. No doubt whomever is driving the ambulance probably insisted on having her accompanied after the last unfortunate incident.

Elsewhere there’s a swat team raiding an apartment with upside down crosses, maggots eating the leftovers, and a crazy wall of pictures like the kind Carrie Mathison might use to connect the dots if she’s been off her meds too long. It’s the home of the schizophrenic, who now has almost white eyes and shoots himself in the mouth after asking the cops if they can hear the angels singing.

At the hospital, the cop who is not Jaffey is still hanging around and wants to talk to Casey as soon as she’s awake. Henry tells him they are going to lawyer up because he’s gotten over that bump on the noggin, and it’s the Chicago way. He’s there with Kat. Angela and Chris have gone home to keep packing. And how exactly is this plan going to work if they arrest Casey while she’s in the hospital?

Two priests – or one and half priests maybe, given Marcus’s situation – walk into a bar to throw back some brewskis and listen to blues because that’s how you celebrate a successful exorcism which they think this is. Tomas even says, “It’s really over isn’t it?” And you’d think Marcus would have enough common sense to say, “Nope,” but instead he tells Tomas that maybe he could become an exorcist and they could travel the world together, but Tomas rejects the offer, says it’s late, and basically tells him to have a good life before touching his shoulder and saying good-bye, and don’t you just hate it when the hot guy you went through that life changing experience with just ends things like that?

"A priest, a nun, and an exorcist walk into ... Stop me if you've heard this one."

“A priest, a nun, and an exorcist walk into … Stop me if you’ve heard this one.”

Fortunately, there’s some good-looking bear making googly eyes at Marcus, and Marcus smiles back and it looks like that could be the start of a beautiful friendship or at least a furtive five minutes in the men’s room, but then Marcus catches site of the television screen and sees a caption about the discovery of a plot to assassinate the pope. Marcus runs out into the night.

Bennett is now in the back of the limo with the Cardinal and a couple of men in suits – presumably more of the security detail. The Cardinal asks for the names of those friends of the church who’ve been helping Bennett expose this whole Satanic plot, and Bennett is like, “Huh?” And then the Cardinal says something about those “who would oppose the will of divine right” and Bennett realizes too late that the Cardinal is in on it too, and one of the goons puts a plastic bag over his head – which might not be the smartest move if they want those names. Where are his superpowers now? Things don’t look good unless he knew this was going to happen and they’re all about to pass out from those roophies he spiked the sacramental wine with.

Better start praying for Father Bennett.

Better start praying for Father Bennett.

Back at his humble church, Tomas finds Jessica and her husband waiting for him. Who let them in? Is this a 24/7 church? Jessica is crying and her husband knows, and it gets ugly but not violent although the husband threatens to snitch Tomas out to the bishop – immediately losing all our sympathy because a real man would have hit him, and no one likes a snitch.

Marcus is at the trailer and the news show is talking about the bodies at Tattersal, and a mug shot of the deceased schizophrenic flashes across the screen. He’s the patsy being blamed for the murders, and the sole plotter against the pope. Marcus knows he couldn’t have been acting alone, and this can only mean one thing: It isn’t over. Scooby-Cherry is trying to reach Bennett, who isn’t answering the phone. Ruh-roh!

Connect the dots, sheeple!

Connect the dots, sheeple!

At Rance House, Angela and Chris are packing. Angela is not happy about having to uproot herself yet again. Chris tries to comfort her that maybe it could be a new start for them. Their whole mother daughter dyad wasn’t so terrible until the devil came between them. Angela gets kind of snippy toward her mom, and when she calls her “you little stink pot” which was one of Chris’ pet names for Regan – which might explain a lot – Chris realizes her daughter has been …. wait for it… REPOSSESSED! Unfortunately, before she can do anything useful with this information, Angela twists her mom’s neck 180 degrees and throws her down the stairs.

The money shot.

In case there’s any doubt about whether she was acting on many years of resentment or is actually under an evil influence, we get a shot of one of those extra pupils in her eye.

Now we know why Geena Davis was willing to take the mom role.

Chris’s death seemed like the kind of late season housecleaning that many a series indulges in. There was really nothing more for her to do than remind us of plot points from the movie. But what of Bennett? He’s not only important, he’s essential – especially if the series moves forward. He’s our man in the Vatican. We didn’t see him actually die. Will the limo-driver turn out to be on Team God and not Team Satan, and save the day?  And what about the Pope? Is his visit on or off? And is he in danger, or is he the one who knocks? Is he coming for an assassination or a Sunnydale Mayor-style ascension?

New Pope?

New Pope?

Looks like we’ll have to wait two weeks for the next scheduled episode to get any answers. Meantime, feel free to comment and speculate below.

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