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The Exorcist: And now the time has come

Welcome to the series finale (looks like, maybe, unless there’s divine intervention or an email campaign) of The Exorcist – a television show that despite being very prettily filmed and classy, never grabbed a big enough audience. We might autopsy it later, but for now the recap.

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Handsome, but not overly bright, Father Tomas interrupts Dark Angela who’s in the midst of torturing her family. Somehow his presence distracts her enough for some banter, during which she tells him how she’s integrated which means no backsies in case we haven’t been paying attention, but he says he doesn’t buy that so he’s going to try to save her.

She responds by throwing him onto the ceiling with her mind and then dropping him to the floor.

Sweet dreams, Padre!

He passes out and dreams he’s back home in Mexico, where Not-Marcus is sitting on a bed telling him how useless he is, also that he can’t beat Dark Angela because she’s integrated. (We think you protest too much, Demon!) Plus he wasted his life, and his grandmother would have been much happier if he’d visited her when she was dying. Always with the guilt these demonic apparitions!

Over at the lair of evil, Maria wants to breathe in some demon summoning ash and Simon tells her she’s still not worthy. We discover Marcus and Bennett tied to chairs. Bennett’s been badly beaten, but he lives! Yay! He tells Marcus he’s got good news: He may be on to the mole in the church. Good one, Bennett! Please stay alive. This show has to let at least one brother live, right?

“Instead of killing you while I have a chance, let’s chat like they do in the movies.”

Simon is (a) really happy Angela didn’t show up again to rain on his parade and (b) thrilled to have the top anti-demon political operative in the church PLUS the number one champion exorcist.

Simon goes on about how they can enjoy them some demon dust and have the wealth of the world, or be tortured and die, but really he’s got nothing. Bennett spits in Simon’s direction because he has no shits left to give. Marcus and Bennett have seen demons cast out by “the power of Christ.” Their guy is stronger. Their souls are already immortal. They welcome martyrdom. (In Marcus’ case, he may even enjoy it.)

Simon still gives it a try saying “Tick tock my lovelies” because he thinks he’s a Bond villain. He takes out a particularly nasty knife and looks like he’s getting ready to do some priest carving. Then he reminds Marcus how the church never appreciated him and thanked him with excommunication, but Marcus shoots back that he’s seen the face of God and it was spectacular. Maria reminds Simon it’s time for some pope killing, so he releases the demon ash, and starts to leave. Maria wants to come with, but he insults her yet again. The ashes are calling to Bennett in the sweet voice of his sister. Marcus is telling him to fight it, but then he takes another tack and starts calling Maria “Renfield” because Dracula is a work that hasn’t been referenced yet. They’ve long been telegraphing Maria as the weakest link, and here comes the pay off. She calls the demon and it chooses her instead of Bennett, distracting the two remaining minions. Marcus despite seemingly mortal wounds, busts his bonds using the cross with the rosary he lifted from Cherry’s trailer. You know the one with the big old nail in it. Bennett, still tied down, uses his thighs to break the neck of Minion 2. Those are two tough priests!

Over at the Rance home — which will never sell for the asking price — things are going haywire. Cat gets sassy, reminding Pazuzu about the time he got beat up by a twelve year old girl. Dark Angela wants to hurt her bad, but is unable to because guess who isn’t 100% gone? Angela, that’s who. She’s holed-up in a metaphorical room that looks just like lil’ Regan’s bedroom in Georgetown. Pazuzu – looking like the Salesman – goes to get her, but she shuts the door, so then he threatens to make her family suffer – and he does. As Dark Angela, he tries to force Casey to bash in Cat’s brains with a hammer, but she won’t do it. Dark Angela says then she’ll rip off Henry’s arms, and Cat finally grabs the hammer and bashes in her own knee, which seems to settle things down for a moment.

Not-Marcus is now trying to talk Tomas into killing himself, while Dark-Angela is stooping next to a still unconscious Tomas, holding the knife near him and trying to get it into his hands. Casey shouts for him to wake up. Tomas remembers that killing himself is a mortal sin. Then again, the mortal sin thing didn’t stop him when it came to adultery, but never mind. Casey’s interference pisses off Dark Angela who starts to come after Casey with the knife

Tomas stands up to Not-Marcus and proclaims he has love and faith and those things make him an exorcist. He wakes up before Dark Angela gets to Casey and gives her a firm “Power of Christ” which sends her into a wall where she busts a tooth, but that just makes her feisty.

Tomas keeps going with the holy words. Things begin to fall around the house. The family starts to escape but Casey grabs a bible and then they all decide to help, and we begin to hear some tubular bells.

We’re now along the parade root where for the hell of it there’s a quick shot of a woman in the crowd who looks kind of like Linda Blair. There’s some weird noise that makes people’s ears bleed and causes them to double over in pain.

Simon is walking through the crowd and heading toward the pope mobile and REALLY that was the big plan? No, pope ascension? No, massacre of a million innocents?

Simon tells the pope, “The Morning star sends his greetings,” and you just know he’s been practicing that line for the past ten years, but before he can do anything Marcus grabs him, and cuts his throat with that very same cross. He saves the pope, but is the Holy Father impressed? Actually, he looks kind of grossed out.

Welcome to Chicago, Your Holiness!

While Tomas works his cross, and the Rances work their bibles, Angela herself fights off the demon from her metaphorical safeplace because she is NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Dark Angela winds up levitating and there’s a icky sound effect indicating the demon may have given her a broken back as a going away present.  She falls to the ground with dead looking eyes, but they open, and it looks like Pazuzu has been cast out once again – maybe for good (unless there’s a season two). And just to make sure we know she’s clean, we see the extra pupil dissolve.

Then there’s a fade out and fade in to some time later. Marcus and Casey are saying good-bye to each other. He tells her she’s the strongest person he’s ever met. She hugs him – just like how lil’ Regan hugged a priest at the end of the original. Then she goes off to join her family, and the Rances drive away from their home which under the circumstances might not sell too quickly.

Bennett, Marcus and Tomas are all sitting in a diner. Bennett is giving Marcus a hard time because that is their thing. Marcus hasn’t been reinstated, even though you’d think saving the pope’s life might get him a pass, but when Bennett leaves he says he’ll “be in touch.” The Vatican isn’t commenting on what the television refers to as the “strange events” that occurred on the pope’s visit. Maria and Jaffey are seen in a car still planning more evil. Is Maria now the new Pazuzu or someone else? She tells Jaffey that the pope assassination attempt was just a starting point. They have more eviling to do. Sounds like a season two proposal.

Tomas tells Marcus he wants to be an exorcist and he wants Marcus to stick around to train him. As William Peter Blatty quoting stealing from Casablanca might put it: This could be a start of a beautiful friendship – if there’s a second season.

Somewhere in Canada (maybe) the Rances are seen. Angela is in a wheelchair but she looks at peace and not demony. Cat is walking on crutches but she and Casey are walking together.

Oh Canada! Many Americans would feel safer if we lived there.

Thus endeth The Exorcist until it is reviveth once more.

If there is a season two, looks like we’ll stay in Chicago, with all those class and racial divides the show didn’t shy away from. Maria and Jaffey will go on with their evil plotting. Marcus is going to need some new Scoobies. Bennett will drop in to advise – their man in the Vatican. One thing that kept the X-Files, Buffy, Angel and even Fringe going for years was the variety of forms evil might take – each with its own personal kryptonite, which the champions needed to uncover. If The Exorcist sticks to the Catholic sacrament as the one neat tick to fight the forces of darkness, that’s sure to get old. We’ll need to see different kinds of manifestations, and different ways of fighting them that go beyond shouting, “The power of Christ compels you.” Maybe Cat can come back as the head of a lesbian Wiccan coven with a different approach, or Casey and Angela discover that the dispossessed get to keep some of their superpowers.

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