VIDEO: The Devil’s Rain (1975)

Join us, whores of Satan, as we delve into films which promote the word of the Great Deceiver. Leave common decency (and sense) at the door as Count Jackula shows you The Devil’s Rain, starring William Shatner (yes, William Shatner) and Ernest Borgnine.

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  • Randy Johnson

    This is a brilliant start to what I’m hoping is a long-running series. I saw “The Devil’s Rain” as a tot, and it freaked me out. Thanks for slapping this cheesy classic around! Excellent work, CJ! Hilarious!

  • Wim Van der Straeten

    Good review, but I assume that you wanted to say “descendants” when you said “ancestors”. It would’ve been pointless for Korbis to curse Shatner’s ancestors. Keep those videos coming.

  • RockyDmoney

    Ernest Borgnine wasnt the penguin. That was Burgess Meredith

  • Olaf_the_Lofty

    Thank you for uncovering this awesomely bad film and winnowing out the interesting (?) bits for us. You made me laugh several times, which is always worth having. I look forward to more in this series!

  • James

    I saw it when I was around nine years old and it scared the bejeebus out of me. I saw it again when I was around 28 and thought “Where are Mike and the Bots when I desperately need them?”