The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) (part 5 of 11)

Kathy Bates’s chopper lands at the military hospital and she is ushered into yet another briefing, this time with Scientist Guy in Charge Michael, Helen (“our chief astrobiologist”), and a geneticist named Dr. Ikegawa. The latter is played by Hiro Kanagawa, who was in Elektra for five minutes (and is therefore another newly minted Repeat Offender) but whom I know as the ill-fated Principal Kwan.

(Sidenote: As originally written, this recap said that for his sins—i.e., being in Elektra—Kanagawa was likely to be a future Repeat Offender, since I figured that a film of Elektra‘s caliber was certain to be Boothed someday. And then before this recap was finished, lo and behold, the Elektra recap was posted! I am teh psychic!!!1!)

Caption contributed by Scooter

“I suspect Clark Kent had something to do with this.”

Principal Kwan explains to Kathy Bates that the gray goop was actually a bioengineered space suit closely resembling placental tissue (ewwwww!)—which, Helen adds, is a life support system, after all. Essentially, this means that the human Keanu Reeves form needed to be “born” here on Earth, presumably because the alien form could not survive here and a human form could not survive in the alien environment. Sorry, all I got from this scene was “Keanu Reeves covered in placental tissue.” Let’s see what the Google hit count is for that search string!

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Multi-Part Article: The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

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