VIDEO: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Audio Review

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Sofie (currently without a camera) shares her immediate thoughts about The Dark Knight Rises, the final movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Enjoy the review, and if possible, consider helping Sofie out by clicking the link above! (Review may contain some spoilers.)

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  • StevePotter

    Yeah, Bane didn’t really click for me until he finally meets Batman. The first scene with him was so odd. I think they wanted to recreate the bank robbery from “The Dark Knight”, but kind of failed.

    A thing I didn’t like about the movie was the twenty minutes of exposition that started the film. Nolan doesn’t write exposition well, so the fact that they had all these plot points to bring up to speed was a huge weakness. The first twenty minutes in general is very weak, with just weird scenes that seem to go nowhere and last only 90 seconds.

    But man, once Batman dons the cowl, the movie starts to get rolling, and by the time he meets Bane, there’s no stopping it. Personally, I liked it better than “The Dark Knight”. I was gripped the whole time, and a few scenes left me, quite literally, breathless.

    • Sofie Liv

       As stated in my audio review, I find it to be BIGGER than the Dark knight.
      Whether it is better… I don’t know, it’s both different and sort of the same, which is good for a new entry in a franchise.

      Yeah, I had that feeling to with the opening scene, they wanted to match the jokers introduction with an equally if not more bad-ass introduction. Trouble just is… Jokers introduction was to bad-ass and well thought out to be matched and.. I can’t help but sort of think.. to you think perhaps Bane swapped places with the joker?

      I mean, yes this would be playing fast and loose with the jokers origin as we know him in the comic book, but don’t you think maybe.. it was him whom was supposed to have been the protector, and had his face scarred at that which wo do not speak off cause it’s spoiler area and stuff.. it could be his origins in “The Dark knight.” was deliberately left misty so it could have been explained here.

      No.. Nolan isn’t to go at the exposition, cause the way he delivers it is by letting the characters have loooong speeches, telling about what happened, so many speeches @_@

      • StevePotter

        I don’t think so. Joker’s philosophy is at odds with everything about Bane, I just don’t think it would’ve worked. I believe (I could be wrong) that this story wasn’t even in concept form until after Heath Ledger’s death. Bane’s a lot more physical than Joker, which is what I liked.

        If I am going to be perfectly honest, I think Bane was a better villain than the Joker. Heath Ledger was definitely the better actor, but Bane was just a bigger threat overall. I think he was more interesting to watch and I don’t care what people say, he was FUNNY.

        I liked how this movie kind of returned to the quirky sort of humor that was in “Batman Begins.” There was some of that in “The Dark Knight”, but most of the laughs came from the Joker. I think Bane was funny in the way that Shakespearean tragedies are funny; it’s a lot more subtle, but can be a lot funnier in its own way.

        I actually never minded the speeches, but that’s because I’m a sentimental old fart.

        My biggest problem with all three films is that the films have an unrealistic time frame. “Batman Begins” is the biggest offender, with TWO NIGHTS worth of action and plot into about three hours. This film had less of that problem, but even then it felt a little rushed at the end.
        When I say it’s better, I’m judging it as half objective analysis, half gut reaction. From an objective analysis, it may or may not be better. But going by gut reaction, I was enthralled to the screen more than any other movie I’ve ever seen. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was the most remarkable experience that I’ve ever had watching a film, and I think the fact that it did that to me proves it was something. (Although I watched the first two movies on the big screen immediately before I saw this one, so that might have helped).

        On a completely unrelated note, what sort of editing software/camera do you use? I’m interested in making reviews as well, but I don’t know where to start.

        • StevePotter

          Sorry for the length of the post, I get really long-winded when I’m passionate about something.

          • Sofie Liv

             It’s all-right have you seen the lenght of my replies?

            Well regarding to the joker.. we will never know, ever. So it’s all speculations.
            My theory would how-ever turn him from being an “Anarchist.” into a person with specific straight goals so erh yeah.. fans would be pissed off.

            Yep, they are very very long, which I is why I view them more as “Event” films than “Kick back and relax.” films.. also why I have difficultly popping them on when I come home from a long day of tiring work.. that is what Nolans movies does to me. I can probably pop Avengers on at any time I like and relax my mind with it, have fun, Nolan movies.. not so much. An event is the best way for me to describe it.

            I am a Mac user (which is dumb if you don’t have that much money, cause this shit is exspensive and people wont re-pair it for less of what it costs to simply buy a new one.)
            I use Final-cut pro to the mac as an editting programme, but be careful, ones you figured out that programme, it will be hard to want to work with some-thing else.. it’s the same programme as a lot of real time Hollywood film-makers use, and ones you get used to it, you know why..

            For video-camera I used to use an ordinary cannon cam-corder, what I will get now that thing was water damaged.. it’ll probably be another cannon.

            How-ever for a newbie my advice will be not to go to big so fast, many started out with “Pinapple.” and was fine with that, video producing is hard-work, and that I got into the booth and now have people actually watching, that was dumb luck, not every-body is that lucky. And it will be a shame to spend a lot of money on some-thing if you find out it isn’t what you wanted to spend you time on in the long run.
            Give it a try, use pinapple or windoes movie maker, and then upgrade if you know it’s what you really want.

          • StevePotter

            I can rewatch these movies, but not on a regular basis. They’re some of my favorite movies of all time, but they ARE too much to watch regularly. (I have a similar problem with a lot of my favorite movies, ie; “The Truman Show” “Wings (1927)”). The only one of my favorite movies I can watch multiple times a week is the musical version of “Little Shop of Horrors.” Which is awesome.

          • Sofie Liv

             Little shop of horrors with original ending is freaking awesome! the original ending is faaar superior and is clearly what the movie was really building up to, the ending we ended with is so tagged on…

            And if you havn’t seen the original ending, go look it up on Youtube right now dammit! all though I agree, every-thing safe the tagged on altered ending, that rocks!

            Also.. Frank Oz directing :3

          • StevePotter

            The original ending is better, but I don’t really mind them changing it all that much. The original works a lot better on stage, but on film it just seems kind of weird. I guess the humor of the ending came across a lot better on stage than it did on screen.

          • Sofie Liv

             I thought it was one of does few movies that was just as good as a movie as on stage (safe the altered ending.) And I think it helps they decided to go full-blown parody making it look slightly cartoonish and not realistic at all.

            And the reason why I despise the tagged on ending so much.. It doesn’t make any sense! Clearly the movie was building up towards the first ending all along.

            Like Sweeney Todd, this is a story about the accerlerration of the killings and how it all ends up in a point.

            The first kill is justifable, the second kill is understandable and then it just excalates until it all goes insane. And the only out-come that makes any sense what so ever is for the main character to pay the price.
            Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde also have the sort of same plot where Jekyll in the beginning just have innocent fun as Mr. Hyde, but then it slowly excallates and gets worse and worse until Hyde downright murders some-one, but by then it’s to late, Jekyll sank to deep, and the only ending that makes sense is his demise.

            The altered ending does not add up! it’s not what the story and movie build towards, it’s odd, it’s wrong I… am putting far to much feelings into this issue… cause I still like the movie, the ending just bothers me sooo much, especially when the original was so bloody epic and would have excalated the movie from “Good enough.” to “Oh god dude, EPIC!”

          • StevePotter

            The really sad part is that half of their budget went in to the original ending! I’ve only seen “Little Shop” onstage once, in a… lackluster high school production. (But they ended up winning all of the major awards that year, so what do I know?) I really like the Broadway Revival cast, excluding Orrin. 

            I think the ending works a little better than it would have worked for something like Sweeney Todd (which also had a great movie adaptation, even if the stage show (which was the first play I was ever in!) was better) is because, like you said, it’s a lot more cartoony.To bring things SLIGHTLY back on topic, I watched “The Dark Knight Rises” again today and I don’t think the Joker was meant to be Bane. If anything, I think his role was meant more for that guy whose name I probably shouldn’t say because it’s a spoiler. Remember the courtroom scene?

  • MichaelANovelli

    I found this to be more like a combination of Knightfall and No Man’s Land, myself…

    • Sofie Liv

       well as stated in the review the first two-thirds of the movie is just shit pilling on top of shit.. but it is done so Batman can rise probably later… I havn’t seen either of does movies..

      • MichaelANovelli

        Those are very famous Batman stories, actually.  :-)  Knightfall is where Bane breaks Batman’s back, and No Man’s Land is when the government seals off Gotham City and it devolves into anarchy.  Pretty good stories, all around!

        • Sofie Liv

           havn’t read them…. the American comics I have read are kind of selected.. as I stated in my Tintin videos, I indeed grew up with comic books big time, with lots of comic books, I adore comic books… the comic books I grew up with how-ever were european and I didn’t read a single issue of Batman until I was.. 19 or some-thing like that.

          Asterix ftw….

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            It’s a shame that the Asterix and Tintin games had such rubbish controls, and weren’t ported over on their respective systems (I only played them on emulators so maybe that was part of the reason for the poor controls), but they were games that should have been made available to everyone!  Upon Wikipedia research there have been more games made available but I don’t see much info on them…could our new Gaming Critic review them for us?

  • Sofie Liv

    Btw people, THIS was what I was out doing when the water damage happened.

    This is what I call REAL larping (life action role-play gaming.) and that is genuinly me sitting there in the middle with a big cup of Coffee.. I know it may be a bit hard to recognise me, glasses and all. (Contact linses are hard to put in when your hands are fiflthy from mud.) but it is me.. and that is what I did..

    build a city and larped for real, I brought my video-camera so I could record footage to show you people, but.. heh.. no more video-camera, it went bye bye because of this. … see that tent? the one the most to the left in the picture.. that’s where I slept before the thunderstorm hit us.. and it was seriously a real thunderstorm it looked like this.

    .. I still want to make that video.. but I sort of need some equipment to do that…

  • This was a hard movie for me to judge personally because it is so damn different from the other two. I know a couple things for certain though… the pacing was great, I was never bored, and the movie kept me thinking, wondering and guessing. There aren’t in my opinion many, if any filmmakers who can do such a thing. I also in a big way admire how the movie is less action-driven and more character driven than ever before. I think an argument could be made that Rises is possibly the best in the trilogy. 

  • Nuclearademan

    This maybe me being biased due to my man crush on Tom Hardy but I loved Bane in this film all the way through. Without spoiling anything I was disappointed the film went the same way as Batman Begins with his character.

    I really enjoyed TDKR but it didn’t top the Dark Knight and to be honest I went into it knowing it wouldn’t anyway. The Nolan Batman movies feel to me very much like the original Star Wars trilogy. All three films seem to be apart of one whole story.

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, I still maintain there’s a structure to this triology. And I found better words for it now. It’s still all about Gotham, all about the city, and here it is.

      Batman Begins; The Accusation, Gotham is a tumour that needs to be removed before the filths spread, and Batman says no, that is not the way.

      The Dark Knight; The trial of Gotham, Gothams second chance to proof that it can do better. And the out-come, it both won and lost, won because it did do better, because of the shining ideal, lost because they did better based on a lie.

      This is also why I believe the Joker was supposed to have Banes part in the Dark knight rises, the more I think about it, the more I am getting convinced that originally the Joker was send by Talia to be test the city and give it another chance, some-thing that should have been revealed in this movie, bringing the two movies together, and because of the abrupt change, suddenly there are some ends left dangling there now.

      The Dark Knight Rises; Judgement, the city lost its trial, and it’s time for them to be exposed and sentenced.. how-ever, as Gotham only sort of lost, they have earned the right to fight back, and thus it’s war.

      And I need to make a full video about this idea some day, also going into more detail how well I think the Joker was supposed to be the major visual player here. I mean. “Do I look like a guy who have plans?” No… no you don’t, but she does, she’s the big puppet master. It just makes sense to me, he was supposed to be her agent, the big visual clown designed to draw attention to himself, it makes sense to me, maybe this is just my convuluted mind whom wants this to fitt.. but for me.. it really really does. 

      • Nuclearademan

        It seems pretty obvious that the Joker was originally meant to be in the film so I do hope you are wrong about him being sent by Talia. I never like the Al Ghul’s or the League of Shadows, I think they were easily the most uninteresting part of the Nolan films and having them being the ones pulling the Jokers strings would ruin his character in my opinion.

        • Sofie Liv

          I admit that is messing a lot around with Jokers character as we know him. (as if this movie didn’t do that with Bane..)

          But looking at the movies as its own enterprise removed from the comics, trying to tell its own story, it makes a lot of sense to me..
          But perhaps it’s good it didn’t end up that way, because so many fans would be in an insane outrage.

          I really don’t like the insanity surrounding this movie, I genuinly find it so insane it’s not funny any-more and I am looking forward to let the hype blow over.. sigh..

          • Nuclearademan

            Well the hype will die down now for a couple of years until they inevitabley reboot the series again.

          • Sofie Liv

             how optimistic are you that you think it’ll only be a couple of years? I give it three years before the premier of the Batman re-boot MAX maybe it’ll only last two years. So I say between two or three years before the next Bat movie is out, that is how big a money maker that name is and how desperate Universal is for a new franchise. I swear to god.

          • Nuclearademan

            Think you mean Warner Bros because they own DC and if they were desperate for a new franchise they could use one of the many other DC heroes? A big budget Wonder Women film is bound to do well at the box office surley.

          • Sofie Liv

             Sorry. I thought it was universal.. and they All-ready did!

            Green Lantern! It bombed!

            next year Superman Man of steel.

            And the reason why there is no Wonderwoman. (believe me I am going to talk about it, cause it annoys me.) thus far all super-heroine films released has flopped. What the studios don’t seem to realise though is that they flopped because they sucked. Catwoman, Super-girl, Electra, sucky movies :(

            And yes! I want a wonderwoman movie, dammit.

        • Garferty

          The movie wasn’t written or even conceived until after Heath Ledger died. It’s therefore unlikely the movie was “obviously” meant to include the Joker.

          • Nuclearademan

            What I meant was that the writers probably has an initial idea for what they wanted in the third film while making the Dark Knight, which probably involved the Joker judging from how the film ends. After Ledger passed away they had to come up with something else. I could be wrong though.