The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Text Review

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Text Review

The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Directed by Christopher Nolan; Starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman

And we come to the end of the line for the Nolan/Bale Batman films. It’s been eight years since the events of the previous movie, and crime is at an all-time low. The cover-up perpetuated by Batman (Bale) and Commissioner Gordon (Oldman) has succeeded, but not without a cost.

Bruce Wayne has retired as Batman, and gone into seclusion at the expense of his company and social life, and Gordon feels guilt over the setup. This is where an ominously masked, insane, hulking brute of a mercenary named Bane (Hardy) comes into the story, with a plan to destroy Gotham City.

After some speechifying from Alfred, Bruce puts the cape and cowl back on in an attempt to stop Bane’s plan, while at the same time, interacting with Selina Kyle (Hathaway), a clever thief who ends up helping Batman.

This is, to be frank, a rather simplified version of the plot, as there are many other subplots weaved in through the narrative: Bruce trying to keep his company afloat (after Bane hijacks the city stock exchange, wiping out pretty much everybody); the heroics of a young cop played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt; plus a few other strands that I won’t get into because they involve major spoilers.

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