The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982) (part 6 of 9)

Then we cut to Lynn in her sleeping bag suddenly waking up. There’s a shot of leather boots trampling through the grass, and then we cut back to Lynn poking her head out of the tent. She thinks it’s Kiyomi stomping around outside, but when Kiyomi doesn’t answer, Lynn goes back inside the tent. No, wait, that would be the smart thing to do. Actually, she decides to climb out of the tent and investigate.

She sees one of the white faced zombies and screams like a banshee. And the really pathetic part is that her scream ends and is clearly dubbed in again in an attempt to make it sound twice as long. Someone yells, “Lynn, get down!” and she quickly complies. The white faced zombie comes towards Wyatt and the two have a rather non-energetic scuffle. I think both these guys forgot to have their morning cup of coffee.

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Multi-Part Article: The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982)

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