The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982) (part 5 of 9)

Then we cut to Wyatt with his head in Lynn’s lap, playing the harmonica as they sit in front of their tent. Wyatt puts away the harmonica as Lynn strokes his unwashed curly locks. Then we cut to Bill and Susan in front of their tent, where suddenly it’s nighttime. The two taunt Mel, wondering why he’s still fiddling around with his rifle. “Afraid of the dark, Mel?” Sarah says.

Cut to Mel with Blind Kiyomi at his side near their tent, and Kiyomi utters the truly memorable line, “You can hold me. Instead of the gun. [!!!]” Thanks, but no thanks. The gun doesn’t keep whining about not liking this place. “I’m not afraid of the dark,” Kiyomi says, stroking his knee. Oh, gross. This prompts Mel to put the gun away and Sarah says it’s “about time”. Lynn, still the master of butting in and yelling at people for no apparent reason, screams at Sarah to “let ’em work it out themselves, okay?” Work what out? What is she talking about?

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Multi-Part Article: The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982)

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