The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982) (part 3 of 9)

Then we cut to Bill Allman attempting to help Sarah get her backpack on, but she refuses this assistance, angrily declaring that men are “all brainwashed to think women are weak!” I take it back, “Sarah” is not the same character as “Susan”. Sarah is much, much more annoying. Bill remarks that she must be getting these ideas from her sister, who’s into “all that lib stuff”. Sarah parries this accusation with a skillful “Hmph!” and wanders off.

Then we cut to Steve strolling through the woods, presumably “y’know, takin’ care of business” just like in Night of Horror. Of course, the lighting doesn’t match at all. In the shots of Excalibur, it looks to be early in the morning, but judging by the long shadows on the ground where Steve is, it’s late afternoon. Steve Sandkuhler has now grown a beard, by the way, and no longer wears the sickly goatee of the previous film. (Which in no way implies that the beard is not sickly, too.)

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Multi-Part Article: The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982)

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