VIDEO: The Crow: City of Angels (1997) for PlayStation 1

Part One:

Part Two:

Is there such a thing as a game that’s so bad its good? 

UPDATED with Part 2 on April 9, 2015!
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  • Guest

    Yes video games have a LOTs so bad is good

  • Maxxxxxxxxx

    Review bad day la

  • Bouncy X

    cant watch this til i’m home but….i actually have that game, bought it on first release. i’m a big Crow fan so i wanted it bad. i don’t remember it too much but i do recall thinking it was okay….nothing great but ok. lol

  • Glenn Wills

    Wait the guys standing in the corner while his friend is killed? Is that what happened to the guy from the end of the Blair Witch Project?

  • Max

    Hi review spawn