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The Animated Heroine reviews the new DreamWorks release The Croods, featuring the voices of Nicolas Cage and Emma Stone as members of a Neanderthal family.

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  • Yeah, I wouldn’t rush to the theaters to see this one again. It’s not a bad movie, just not very satisfying. Somewhere I found the theme of the modern man teaching the neanderthals interesting, but it was mostly pandering to the kids (sorry). I think there were two moments where I generally laughed. One was the Mother in Law running gag, and another was a 5 second gag I won’t spoil but involves Nicholas Cage and the tiger. Otherwise there were moments where I was face palming the whole way through.

    I would say ten years ago that Dreamworks has a different character design than Disney, but at this point it’s nothing different from one studio from another. Especially since most Disney animators are employed at Dreamworks like James Baxter whose the supervising animator on this project, so it’s more like Disney 2.0. I do feel that Chris Sander’s human character design does not work in computer animation. Too much detail in the faces and trying to be exaggerated at the same time… just doesn’t work. I do feel the movie kicks it up a notch at the last act, almost enough for me to forgive the movie as a whole. Otherwise, it’s “meh.” Probably going to be one of the more forgettable dream works movie in the next 2 years.

  • Black Doug

    I’ll give “The Croods” some credit–it was the first time I actually laughed out loud at a trailer for a comedy since “The Hangover”.

  • Magdalen

    When I saw the trailer for this my first thought was, “The most literal interpretation of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave EVER.” Also, I always get a kick out of the movie idea that the splitting of Pangea happened over like… a week. XD