VIDEO: The Craft (1996)

A look into the history of the ’90s witchcraft movie.

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  • Muthsarah

    I somehow missed this film entirely. I heard about it when it came out, but never saw it.

    Aside from fashion, what makes it such an…un-remakeable 90s film?

    • Chris Palmer

      Probably the general approach. Witchcraft these days is either going to be exploitation movie material or some big-budgeted nonsense where Nancy decides to go all Sunset Shimmer on everyone.


    As a gothy Catholic high school girl in the 90s, I adored this movie. Along with The Crow and Interview With the Vampire, my friends and I would watch it at every sleepover.
    Still, I wasn’t as obsessive as some. I remember taking diver’s ed and being handed an old textbook that someone had _covered_ in quotes and doodles from The Craft.

  • Alexa

    A film me and my sis would bond over, along with Buffy ^_^