The Celebrity Bachelorette? Amy Schumer makes her demands if ABC wants her for next season

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Ever since non-Daily Show host Amy Schumer crashed The Bachelorette this season to teach the gents how they might get laughed with for once, ye olde internet has been demanding that Schumer be next season’s featured female.

amy schumer

Amy isn’t shooting down the idea. In fact, she has three demands of her own… and surprisingly, they’re all pretty reasonable:

  1. “A lot of money.”
  2. She has to be allowed to be herself.
  3. Bring in male contestants worth dating.


As for number one, well, yeah. She’s deserves a big chunk of the cash she’d bring in for the network. And then number two kind of takes care of number three. Amy is going to make the show entertaining by being Amy; there’s no need to bring outlandish suitors in to be “good TV.”

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Bachelorette host Chris Harrison tweeted simply “Yes” to all three demands, because he’s not an idiot and because he’s not the one who gets to make that decision. The producers are probably a little more nervous because they have to think about the future. Even though Amy would be awesome, she’s a tough act to follow. Going back to an ordinary Bachelor/Bachelorette season may leave the fans underwhelmed and break the franchise.

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