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Back in May, the Horror Guru took on the second installment of Lucio Fulci’s Gates of Hell trilogy, The Beyond, AKA Seven Doors of Death. But as the film rolls on, the real question becomes not whether The Beyond will survive the review, but whether the Guru will survive The Beyond!

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  • edharris1178

    I love this movie so damn much. Great gore, fantastic surreal imagery, it’s one of my favorite horror films of all time.

    • The Horror Guru

      Fuck yes! =)

  • TheScottCSmith

    Ah, Italian horror. I’d love to see a video series that highlights the masters of this genre.

    • The Horror Guru

      I will totally be going into more of them down the line. My Italian horror collection is about as big as my American horror collection. I love Italian horror.

      • TheScottCSmith

        Awesome, can’t wait! I’m a big fan of Italian and Japanese horror.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Aw yeah, going out to Demonoid Phenomena!

    Great review, man. Interesting coincidence that you and Fear Fan both did reviews of horror movies where people go blind after seeing hell. I wonder if the guy who directed The Unholy had been a fan of this Italian director? Or is going blind after seeing hell some sort of trope I never heard of?

    • The Horror Guru

      Actually it’s a total coincidence these videos went up the same month because this review of the Beyond I did a year ago. Though I do love the coincidence. Call it a happy accident. =P

      • $36060516

        You call it coincidence, I call it Satanic conspiracy.

  • $36060516

    A lot of funny stuff in this video, and even some informative stuff tucked in. My favorite stuff, as usual, was the most absurd out-there moment, when you sent the Robot Chicken clip to the corner and it reacted with a forlorn love ballad. Funny how I thought the lady on the cover was having an orgasm when she was actually getting her throat torn out.

    • The Horror Guru

      Orgasm, intense throat-gargling pain – What’s the difference, really? 😉

      • $36060516

        Oh, I forgot to mention that the leading lady looked really hot to me when drinking that milkshake with a straw. Not sure what psychological complex is causing that reaction in me.

        • The Horror Guru

          Sounds like you could use a profile on Fetlife, my friend. 😉

          • $36060516

            Ha ha ha… I had never heard of that site. I have an account on Fatlife but don’t know if they’d take me on Fetlife.

  • This review is epic. The video thumbnail was intriguingly weird so I thought I’d stop in just for a quick look at this thing, and ended up watching the whole review. Incidentally, this is the first of your reviews that I’ve seen and you are entertaining as hell. Great humor, perfect voiceover, love the comedy bits. I’ve gotta check out the back catalog.

    The first time I saw a Fulci film was when a friend in high school dropped by with his videotape of “Zombie” from ’79, and the eyeball scene has stuck with me through the intervening years. This era in cinema seems to have given rise to some of the most disturbing gore I can imagine, back when effects like this were still practical. Definitely my favorite vintage of horror movie.

    • The Horror Guru

      Hells yes, good sir. Right there with you. I am in total love with this era of horror flicks. =)

      Glad you dug the video and are interested in checking out my others! Funny part is, this technically is part of my back-catalog as I made it a year ago and only threw it up because I knew I’d have nothing else ready this month, haha.

  • Animikean

    Now I want a gritty remake of Pippi Longstocking!
    (this can only end badly)

    • The Horror Guru

      You and I both. =P

    • Funky Dynamite

      What if she’s drawn in BDSM gear and fights monsters to Rob Zombie music?

      • danbreunig

        Then she would be right at home in the 2010s action fare while consequently splitting the fanbase.

  • Cristiona

    Book of Eibon? That’s a nice touch. Good to see damned books other than the Necronomicon getting a shout-out.

    • The Horror Guru

      Agreed. =)

  • The only joke I found funny was the Cheesevana one.
    But other than that, this guy is right, The Beyond is fucking awesome and Fulci’s best film.