VIDEO: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

The Suspect looks at the Spidey flick hated by many and defended by few: The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Is it really as bad as people make it out to be? Well no, but it has problems by the fuck-ton.

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  • Yonagonaf

    The term “fuck-ton” is not listed at “”.

    According to “” the spellings “fuckton”, “Fuck-ton” and “Fuckton” are acceptable.

    According to “” the spellings “fucktonne”, “fuck ton” and “fuck-ton” are acceptable.

    The Unusual Suspect is British so perhaps the Unusual Suspect prefers to use the spelling that the “Oxford English Dictionary” uses.

    Although since “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is an American movie maybe American English should be used.

    • mamba

      According to the urban dictionary, written unofficially by slang, this is correct.

      According to anyone else who breaths and speaks, “Who cares?”

      If you watched the entire hour and THAT’S all you got out of it, you need more out of life. :)

      • Lord WPF III

        So, should “fuck-tard” have a hyphen or not? I usually go with “fucktard”. On a semi-related note, if I were rich I would change my name to Lord Wesley P Fuckington. The 3rd.

  • Gallen Dugall

    And I remain completely uninterested in seeing this movie. It just looks painful and dull.

  • Yonagonaf

    The Unusual Suspect has the correct pronunciation of the word “ポケモン / Pokemon”.

    Very often people that do not speak Japanese pronounce “Pokemon” as “Pokimon”.

  • Thomas Stockel

    I decided not to see Amazing Spider Man because they were going to cover Spider Man’s origin…again. At least when Nolan took over Batman you were aware that Tim Burton had never really devoted a lot of time to exploring The Dark Knight’s background, so it felt like new ground. But to have to sit through half a movie to learn what I already knew, to watch Uncle Ben die again? Yeah, pass. And I did not regret that decision.

    And based on this video I’m glad I didn’t put money in Sony’s deep pockets for ASM2. You raise some good points regarding Gwen and Peter’s relationship and yeah, that from what I’ve seen and here it sounded far more genuine that what we’ve seen in a lot of these movies. I think Gwen should have lived; give ASM2 a happy ending, shock the smarks in the audience who thought they knew what was coming. And yeah, avoid another funeral finale. Have Gwen go off to London and see Peter dealing with a long distance relationship in the third film as he meets MJ and is tempted to stray.

    Ah, well. Anyway, wonderful video, I loved watching it.

  • Pratchettgaiman

    Your point about Spiderman’s blood potentially saving people’s lives makes me think of the character of Feral from the webcomic Strong Female Protagonist, who is a former superheroine who decides to retire from superheroing so that she can devote her time to using her healing factor to constantly donate her organs to people in need. And anathesia has no effect on her. Try that for commitment