VIDEO: Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather (2006)

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The Discworld! Terry Pratchett! Sky One! Visuals that are (mostly) gorgeous, main characters who are (mostly) brilliant, and a three-hour miniseries that should have been shorter. But still, Death is in it. And he’s wonderful. Also, Ursa talks about hero/villain shipping.

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    Thief of Time was the first Discworld book I ever read.

    Which…was a strange place to start, but I didn’t think about the order when I bought it (second was Night Watch, chronologically conveniently enough).

    Read a lot of Discworld books but…good though they are, they are also pretty formulaic, and that eventually put me off. Keep meaning to get round to reading Hogfather in particular, but never did.

    Also, no love for Rincewind?

  • mofs

    I love the Discworld novels, but find them too dense to squeeze into 3 hours – certainly the Sherlock mini series format would work better – but maybe the Tiffany Aching stuff could work. The Hogfather struggled for the cut levity [the wizards’s experiments with computers and the FTB were mostly cut from this adaption] in order to get to theTooth Fairy’s tower quickly, which I think made the adaption drag a bit as Susan was always meant to be more dry in her approach. Subsequent adaptations have struggled for budget and time, hence Going Postal costing not much more than a book of stamps, meaning Discworld is unlikely to get some love for a long time. 🙁