Terror from the Year 5000 (1958) (part 4 of 8)

We then cut to Bob and Victor asleep in Victor’s room. Alas, this is not an occasion for homoerotic japery, as it seems Victor has two beds in his room [?]. Victor quietly rises, trying not to wake Bob.

He stumbles around the room and bangs into a lot of stuff while attempting to put on a pair of pants, but Bob continues to snooze peacefully. Amusingly, it’s only the sound of Victor pulling up his zipper that causes Bob to stir. Do I want to know what Bob is dreaming about? Probably not.

Victor then quietly sneaks out and heads out to the spare room that Old Man Angelo was trying to unlock earlier. He works the lock, and for some reason, the sound of this happening all the way down the hall is what finally wakes up Bob. He peeks out into the corridor just in time to see Victor sneak into the other room.

Inside, Victor opens up a chest of drawers and pulls out a metallic suitcase that looks uncannily like a “dirty bomb”. Bob sees him sneak downstairs with the suitcase and quietly follows. They both go outside and suddenly, there’s a loud pop, and Victor turns around to see a palm leaf falling [?]. This is a really strange moment, and I have no idea why it was put in. Even stranger is how the leaf makes a sound like a big pine tree crashing in the woods. Anyway, Victor tosses the suitcase into the water while Bob secretly watches.

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Multi-Part Article: Terror from the Year 5000 (1958)

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