Terrifying Young Marlins Fan Goes Insane On Camera (Video)

This kid got on the Jumbotron at a Miami Marlins game and lost his damn mind. It is terrifying to behold. Granted, he is just a small boy, but his hip-swiveling, air-humping ways, when combined with his expression, all serve to create an atmosphere of fear.

Terrifying Young Marlins Fan Goes Insane On Camera (Video)

And why is he so excited to be a Marlins fan, anyway? They are third in the National League Eastern Division, which is nice and all, but they’re the Miami Marlins. They may as well be called the Yawnsylvania Borings.

Anyway, here’s the kid in all his insane glory.


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  • tkdcoach

    This post is so wrong. Making fun of children? Really?

    • gingerland62

      I thought that too initially, but the kid is kinda trying to make us laugh, right? Children are so less uptight than grown-ups.. I am laughing with him not at him.

      • sarabenincasa

        I agree. He’s partying and rocking out and it’s hilarious and cute.

  • natoslug

    Wow, that is one excitable boy. Good on you, little guy. So are Marlins a football, basketball or baseball team? Or do they have competitive fishing teams these days?

  • It’s Bat Boy!!

    • glasspusher

      no joke

    • johnetic

      I said the same thing.

  • glasspusher

    Wow, if he’s got hips like that now, he’ll be a heartbreaker in college.

  • glasspusher

    (silently thanks FSM for not catching my kid on the jumbotron)

  • “BAT CHLD FOUND IN CAVE” (Weekly World News) look it up, google images