Ten Muppet Show Guest Star Performances Lady Gaga Will Have To Top When She Appears In The Muppet Holiday Special

After dating a Muppet and wearing a dress made of Kermits, Lady Gaga will host a Muppet holiday special. She’s sure to wow, and no we are not being facetious. She’ll be perfect for the variety show format, and why oh why can’t we have the Muppet show back on the regular again.

Gaga may be great, but seriously, her past Muppet Show guest stars have set the bar really really high:

10) Roger Moore tries to sing “Talk To The Animals” but but has to thwart a wide variety of spies.


9) Diana Ross gets everyone – including Waldorf and Statler! – to sing “Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand.”


8) Lou Rawls tries to help Kermit learn to sing jazz.

7) Liberace sings “Has Anybody Seen My Bird” with a full cast of birds and a three-piece lame suit.

6) Alice Cooper sings “School’s Out” dressed in a cap and gown and accompanied by teenage monsters.


5) Liza Minnelli unmasks a killer, fakes a death scene, and sings “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”


4) Debbie Harry sings “One Way or Another” while being pursued by Muppet monsters.

3) Julie Andrews sings “The Lonely Goatherd” complete with goats.

2) Elton John sings “Crocodile Rock” with, of course, Crocodiles.


…and the best Muppet Show guest star performance of all:

1) Gene Kelly sings a bunch of other songs on the way to finally being persuaded to sing “Singin’ In The Rain.”


Seriously, if you don’t tear up just a bit watching the late great departed Gene step out onto the rainy sidewalk at the end, we can’t be friends.

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  • YakHerder

    How about Rita Moreno and Animal performing “Fever” ?!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yvHWyvexZA

  • James Donnaught
  • natl_[redacted]_cmdr

    I saw that Alice Cooper clip when I was a kid and it scared the hell out of me. It still scares me now, but only a little.

  • JMP

    I like adventure,I like romance,I love great jokes,Animal Dance!I’ve got my computer,I flip through the air,I play my piano,And I’ve got blue hair. Ha!Me, I invent things,Me me me me!Is everything all right here?Yes, Nanny.

  • Annie Towne

    I’d forgotten how genuinely surreal The Muppet Show was. All of these clips are brilliant! P.S. I had a huge, passionate, out-of-control crush on Kermit. I wanted to steal him away and have his babies. That’s not weird, is it?

  • JMP

    Though – as a kid who was born the year The Muppet Show debuted – I’m disappointed that this didn’t include Harry Belafonte’s performances of either Day-O or Turn the World Around, in what was in my opinion the greatest episode of The Muppet Show ever made:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAuYmhaiXvEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLqb64Pb9So

  • JMP

    And this needs moar Harry Belafonte; this was probably the best episode this awesome show ever did:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLqb64Pb9So

  • Let’s not forget MUPPETS TONIGHT: Garth Brooks’s turn as guest star, involving him doing flamenco, Fiddler on the Roof, and a “death defying stunt” with Gonzo: “… then we will plummet to the ground, where our fall will be broken by … Gonzo, what will our fall be broken by?””The ground.””Isn’t that dangerous?””Yeah — why do you think it’s called a ‘death defying stunt’?”http://youtu.be/82bYd5icNVw