VIDEO: Franchise Evolution: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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This time Sofie has a special… freakish guest as she looks back at all three animated incarnations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the beloved 1987 show, the less-beloved 2003 show, and the entirely brand new 2012 Nickelodeon show. Sofie and her companion compare the three shows, and she even reveals her favorite turtle!

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  • Muthsarah

    I agree about the 80s show not being very good.  I grew up watching old re-runs, and I never thought it was that great, though my older brother and sister both loved it.  However, I have seen some of the other toy-based shows on at the same time – Transformers, Thundercats, Silverhawks, even older stuff like He-Man – and I have to say that TMNT is clearly better-made than any of them, and I can easily imagine how kids who like action cartoons could have loved it so much growing up, at least until Batman: TAS came around (or Power Rangers, for those were into that).  Maybe that’s one reason why so many 30-somethings are still big on it today: it’s not remotely good by today’s standards, but it was pretty good for what they had at the time, unless there are some other shows I don’t know about.

    I didn’t think the 2003 show was that good either, but it wasn’t any worse, and besides, I was way too old by that point.  The premise of the show is just so silly, I think you have to either be just the right age for it, or (perhaps in your case :p) just have a permanent Saturday morning cartoon mindset.

    My favorite take on the Turtles will probably always be the first movie.  I think that one still holds up, since it both embraces the darker aspects of the source material, and is – by virtue of having actual humans and realistic-looking anthropomorphic turtles – just has more identifiable characters.

    • Sofie Liv

       That’s a good theory!
      I mean yeah, every-thing does indeed look bigger to kids, and that is where we form our big nostalgic feeling towards these things, and if that was the best thing on for its time, yeah sure I can buy it.

      It’s just a shame those people don’t seem like they can look past their own nostalgic feelings at this point and lashes out on every-thing that darest to actually continue TNMT’s survival as a franchise (You need the occasionel re-make for stuff not to sink back into the ground folks, so do you want to share your childhood passion with a new genneration and don’t you? make up your mind!)

      Well, the 2003 had its share of serious moments, but yeah.. just never managed to hit the right spot unfortunately..

      Seriously though, I say it again.. the 2012 show, it just gets it right!
      And yes, I like it better than the movie to.. never really got the movie either to be honest.
      I mean dude, Beebob and Rockstady.. they are there.. only, they have genuine characters!
      We have met them as humans now and they are two different characters with different back-grounds (one is a traditional martial artist following those roles, the other a new-yorker gang contacter.) Fighting for the affection of Shredder having a genuine rivalry going on, and thinking the other is an idiot, which is justified because they think so much different and are two so different people.. and they have not been mutated yet! they are being sat up as human beings before getting mutated. This show is treating its eighties fan-base with so much respect and yet handles it so smart.. oh yeah, the instantly mutating people ooze is back, but so far has been handled very well, and it’s interesting to see how mutated people are well.. people, usually they are sat up as a character before getting mutated so it’s not just another mindless drome, and have the same voice after the mutating.. also, I always found that Ooze to be one of the scariest plot devices ever! I mean dude, it touches you and you mutate, you are done for, that’s freakish! but this show treats it like it, without turning to 2003 eternal darkness.
      So well, I would highly recommend it to your sister and brother… if they would lower themselves to Saturday morning cartoons.
      But yeah.. even if the Michael Bay film did happen and became a disaster, at least I would have given Turtle fans all-around this 2012, which is a HUGE positive.

      • Muthsarah

        Nevermind, just noticed you already mentioned the 1990 movie.

  • I too, like you, grew up with the 2003 iteration of the show, and it was mostly ok, I didn’t really follow it, just caught episodes from time to time, I *do* remember watching the 80s show as a little kid (dubbing it to spanish made it come slightly later to Mexico) and liking it…then again it was mostly because the themesong was so damn catchy

    • Sofie Liv

       Again.. none of this stuff is bad or any-thing, I just don’t find it as great as many people makes it out to be.

      Except the 2012 show, I am still stunned by the 2012 show.

  • $36060516

    I was just about to enter high school when the first comic book started.  Bought the first few issues but didn’t really care for it as I already felt like I had mostly moved on from superhero comics, thought it was just a lame take-off of Frank Miller’s “Ronin” comic book (the covers of the first few issues of TMNT were designed to look like the design of Miller’s “Ronin” comics, and the obsession with ninja weapons was drawn from Miller comics like Ronin and Daredevil/Elektra.  It wasn’t until three years later that the first cartoon started.

    So yes, I’m an old crabby dork as my nostalgic cartoon period predates either version.  You young whippersnappers and your gosh darned internet!  I need to go now and iron out my middle-aged skin.

    • Sofie Liv

      I make it a rule never ever to poke fun of older people for merely being older.

      The thing about saying that it sucks being an older person.. unless you do indeed die early, (which I don’t plan to.) that’s a statement bound to come back biting you in the ass at some point!

      I rules being old! YAYNESS for old age! .. there, now I have nothing to fear. Any-how.

      yeah. I did give the first issue of TMNT a go, and erh.. no, neither do I find that so amazingly fantastic at all.
      It’s funny to me, so many can go on a rampage saying. “NOO! this new representation of TMNT is just not good enough to it’s grant legacy.”

      I’m sorry people, NOTHING that had to do with the Mutant ninja turtles (until now.) has reached beyond ‘just okay’
      none of it is bad, but all of it is merely ‘just okay’… genuinly except the new show which is so far freaking great.

      • $36060516

        That’s a good attitude to have.  I was poking fun of myself for being old mostly because I regret how I spent my youth and wish I could have it back, so I’m a little envious of people who haven’t wasted their time (at least not yet)!  Producing these videos and building this community on this website are things I could not dreamed of doing when I was 22 years old as the internet could not deliver video then.  TV stations and cinemas were the only way to reach people with video, and access was strictly controlled by those in economic and political power.  I admire what you all are doing here and hope it will inspire me to do something creative with the time I have left.  Continue rocking, Sofie.

        • Sofie Liv

           I personally aim for being like Slappy Squirll when I get old.

          Sitting back there with a “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.” attitude and being able to say. “Pff, you kids, think you are some-thing special do you? well let me tell you!”
          Thing just is, to archieve that goal, I’ll have to do all those crazy things right now! Life exists to be lived am I right?

          Also, what my awesome cool grandmother always says to me. “You do realise what age is don’t you? it’s a number!” .. and this is the lady whom is now 82, still travels across the entire world, got a boy-friend 12 younger than herself after her husband died, and after having to finally stop the ballet after fourty years of practise and performing, started to practise Zumba! and still do!
          Buttom line, age is no excuse! says my granma.

          Thank you do, I do this because I enjoy it, no other reason, and it’s my absolute priviliege to be here!

  • Back being the amateur commenter that I am, not acting horribly, or incurring the wrath of fanboys from multiple media. You’re welcome too Sofie!

    But seriously this was a lot of fun to do and to be a part of one of your episodes was the highlight of the visit for me. For the record, I have hardly seen both of the 80s or 2003 shows so my lines I had in this were not gospel, but have caught glimpses of both and I did see big differences not only in style but in substance. However, it just wasn’t that big of a deal to me. But this new show is pretty damn good to watch since you showed me the pilot episodes and I was very intrigued to see the rest. I’ll be catching up with the rest of the newer episodes and it’ll be something I’ll follow in the future.

    The blooper reel pretty much came about due to the fact that I have hardly acted and I had a stiff demeanour. I know that was the point since I was just there to listen and occasionally react to your thoughts and outbursts. Besides that, it was a lot of fun and it was a pleasure to be a part of your show. Also, alliterative Danish city names FTW!

    • Sofie Liv

       Glad you thought it was fun, that was my entire intention with setting it up… oh god he is coming to Silkeborg on a cold autumn weekend, what the hell does he want to do here?

      So yeah, I thought it would be fun for you to put that up, glad you enjoyed it, you are now immortalised in my videos, congratulations.

      Also glad you enjoyed the episode we saw together, was a lot of fun, as you can probably tell, I like this show a lot, I am actually genuinely excited for the next week where Shredder is going to enter for the first time :D

      Yeah well, that is how newbies usually react in front of a camera, they get nervous so they make an out-let by making a fool of themselves, that’s also why so many people makes faces at cameras, it’s often because they are actually uncomfortable being taken a picture off but turns it into an out-let by making a silly face thus putting up a mask.
      I see this all the time with people trying improve theatre or stand in front of a camera for the first time, so don’t you worry.

      • Better than being immortalised in a silly Internet meme that’s for sure. I’m just wondering how everyone else on the site is going to take it, if they think twice before meeting me in person! This was a lot of fun and I think it was a cold autumn weekend well spent. Just off topic everyone, Sofie gives great tours of her hometown. You ever want a free but comprehensive Silkeborg history lesson, she’s your gal!

        Shredder does have an awesome voice in this series. Like I said to you, I knew who it was as soon as I heard it because I’ve heard it in so many other shows. It adds to his intimidation factor and makes him a lot different from the raspy-voiced Uncle Phil voice from the 80s, though that’s a fun voice to me.

        Admittedly, it was hard to watch and listen to myself back and the whole time I was thinking: “Did I really sound that flat compared to Sofie?” even though at the time I thought I sounded alright but hey it was my first time and it was a rush to this on the homepage wondering which of the scenes made it in and which didn’t. I hope the editing wasn’t too annoying for you. I especially liked it when we had our “HOW DARE YOU!” back and forth and after you went all raspy: “Hi Mr Wayne.”

        Oh and no disrespect to Rob Walker either, or Doug for that matter. I’m willing to give Demo Reel a chance and I’m not offended by Carl Copenhagen either. I was just mucking about, as you do when you are in the presence of this silly sultry Dane improvising like a dervish. :P

        • Sofie Liv

           Well.. lets cross fingers for the pay off’s to all of this set-up becoming as emotionally engaging as I think it will.

          I am willing to bet, one of the final episodes in this show is going to be a tear presser, or maybe it’ll even be an episode on the half-way mark, but in either case, it’s a lot of fun.

          And of cause, I have huge amounts of respect for Dough and Rob Walker! I respect and admire them so much in so many ways, they have been a real inspiration to me.

          I still don’t know what to feel about ‘Carl Copenhagen’ though, it’s just…. wtf???

  • Thomas Stockel

    I keep meaning to see the new series but I have not gotten around to it.  Now that I see they did a parody of Star Trek, The Animate Series, I really have to plant my ass down and watch it. :)

    I never warmed to the first series because I loved the comic so much and the cartoon just shit all over it.  As for the second…Seven years?  It lasted for seven years?  Did hear that right?  Wow…

    • Sofie Liv

      Hehe yeah, the Star Trek Tas Parody is a pretty damn clever running gag.

      First of all, the small bits we see are funny, but secondly it’s actually a very character defining tool for Leonardo whom in this version obsesses about this show and genuinly wants to be a cool leader like the captain in the show. Which goes to explain where all Leos attempts on heroic speeches and catch-phrases comes from. Which is kind of adorable in this context, especially since his attempts at being that heroic ‘speechholding’ leader so far has fallen pretty flat with the other turtles going. “Oh really? these speeches don’t sound cool coming from you you know!” ‘jumps into action’
      Yep.. in this show Leo has a long way to go before he is a true leader.

      And yep, the 2003 ran for seven seasons meaning seven years, the 87 show ran for ten seasons! so well, I guess there’s hope for this show yet, I know it’s still early in the game, but I hope it’ll do well and just continue being so strong in the writing.

      Also amazing with just a little bit of re-search you realise how much truer to the comics the 2003 show really is!
      There’s so much stuff in there lifted directly from the comic books, or it’s stuff taken from the other show and fixed so it fits better with the comic books.

      Then the 2012 show of cause is able to take an entire new approach with the eighties show being old enough to be a classic so.. the 2012 is a genuine tribute to the eighties show in many ways, on the same time as being humble towards its comic book origins. I can’t help noticing what a nice touch it is that all four turtles often sits around reading comic books, that’s nice.

  • mssinykin

    Oh Sofie…I love you like the sister I never had…so I feel bad having to break this to you. You said Leonardo twice in this video when you were clearly describing Donetello…and than said Donetello was your favorite! I’m so sorry. (Next time just remember what it says in the song… he’s the one that “does machines.”) Not that your confusing of the characters is unusual. In the very first episode April O’Neil get three out of four names wrong and in a single scene no less.
    Still I love you review, though not your co-star. He just chewed too much of your scenory for me without being all that funny and was pretty rough on you the whole time (I now it’s an act, but I really wanted you to deck’em.)

    •  That’s probably my least favorite scene in the entire first season.  It’s essentially taking a hammer to your face “Hey!  The red one’s Raphael!  Know this!”

    • Sofie Liv

      I did?… I’m sorry, that must have been a slip of the tounge, because I do know who is who!

      I just can’t believe I didn’t caught that in editting, but I swear, it was a slip of the tounge and nothing else! didn’t mean to bother ya.. and I absolutely know who’s who!

      Leonardo is the leader, Raphael is the hot-head, Michelangolo is the party dude and Donatello the sciense geek! there ya go! I am aware about who is who, I mean.. I did genuinly watch some of all thre shows for this, even though their characters can be hard to distinquish for any new-comers, you do get the pattern after a while, and again, the new show is really good at show-casing them as different people with very different personalities.

      Well, he came all the way from England just to see what the place I come from look like, and my neighbourhood is very un-impressive, so I let him be in the video as I thought it could be an exsperience for him and he wouldn’t return home compleately empty handed.
      Also gave myself a rare oppertunity to play up against some-one in the physical world, which is some-thing I would like to do more often.

      But don’t worry, he is back in England now, chances are you wont have to see him ever again.

      • mssinykin

        I meant to send you this yesterday, but the new login requirments on this site are confusing to me.

        The new series does look promising. I was a Ninja
        Turtle nut growing so I could say a lot about the franchise good and bad, but
        it would probably take a full video onto itself. I do like to see how the same
        material is handled in different ways provided it remains mindful of what made
        the earlier versions successful in the first play. Actually, in all the excusting
        arguments that go back and forth about which version is the best (with many
        just being biased in favor of what they grew up), I’ve come to the conclusion
        that there really is no such thing as a “definitive version.”
        Multiple version of the same narrative can some times revel great truths that
        are otherwise obscured. 

        • Sofie Liv

           The way I like to put it is that a new version, re-make, re-booth, what-ever. Should always be its own interpretation, but also always a tribute to its source material. And that’s it.

          And no, there isn’t, there’s never such thing as a “definitive version.” there’s allways stuff that could be improved, different stuff you could chose to focus on, other directions you could have taken, and who’s to say one is better than the other. When it’s all good, it does comes down to “Personal preferance.” way more than “what is better.” especially when many of the things are this different.

          I have nothing against re-imaginings, re-boots or re-makes or stuff, it’s what making beloved things survive into a new genneration, just letting it sit there and it’ll slowly fade into obscurity. It’s just a shame many fan-boys aren’t really willing to see it like that.

          There’s lots of old beloved things I only got into because of their re-boots.
          Doctor who for one thing, was it not for the new show, I would never have known of its excistence, so all the “old school.” Who fan boys can scream all they want about how “New who.” isn’t faithful enough to the old.. Guys! Your show which may was new when you were kids are now out-dated! A lot! and without new-who, it would have died a slow and sad dead all alone.

          Muppets were on their way to suffer this fate, but fortunately a new movie came out breathing new life into it, and I as a long-time muppets fan couldn’t be happier.
          Is the new muppets movie as good as the original one? … I don’t know.. and honestly, who cares? it’s good and it’s keeping my muppets alive for another decade.

          • Muthsarah

            Sofie, with all respect, since you are my #1 fave person here….you seem almost TOO happy and accepting of EVERYTHING.  The new Turtles are great, the new Muppets are great, the new Doctor Who is great, the LotR movies are great.  While I do enjoy, on some level, your incessant positivity regarding EVERYTHING, I have to wonder, is there anything new that you DON’T like, especially if you don’t like it as much as some older version?  Or do you just love everything new in the world of entertainment?  If so, what drugs are you on, and are they legal in the US?

            For the record, I find myself in almost the exact opposite position as you as regards anything current.  I didn’t like the new Muppets movie, I prefer the old Turtles, I’m only OK with Who, LotR is a sticky matter.  Anything old is better, because it’s old.  And as mindsets go, I know that doesn’t have much of a future.  I’m not happy with it, but I can’t help how I feel.  I really do wish I could be as accepting as you, I do.  I think I’d be a lot better off.

            I understand your bit is to be the “happy little elf” (my words, not yours), but jeez, are there limits?  You could seriously bottle your bliss and sell it for money.  You have a good thing going, and I wouldn’t want you to change, but I do also want to mine you for the secret on how to find joy in seemingly everything you watch.  Maybe that’s why I enjoyed that Zardoz review as much as I did; it humanized you as nothing else has.  It was enjoyable to see you so confused and unable to claim you loved it unabashedly.  I felt like I almost understood you then.

            Is there nothing that you’re a reactionary/purist about?  Can you embrace the hate regarding any franchise that’s meaningful to you?

          • Sofie Liv

            Oh yeah, there’s re-imaginings I hate.

            The way I see it re-boots happen for two reasons.

            1; some-body who really liked this old stuff wants to bring it back and turns it into a tribute, in which case, it’ll at least feel like a passion project and be at some level enjoyable. If we are lucky the people behind them are both fans AND competent (not always this happens.), in which case it’ll probably be really good.

            2; Brand recognistion! the studio wants to make the movie, only for brand recognistions sake, and thus no one involved in it really wants to be there, and you end up with a half assed hack project.

            Or some-times it happens, like in Star Trek 2 wrath of Kahn, that they got a new passionate director un-board, he wasn’t a fan, but he projected all his energy into making the best possible movie he could regardless, and it showed in the project… because he really wanted to make a good movie with what he had! 

            New things which are re-boot of old things I do not like?

            Lets see.. I even said in this video that I HATE Ultimate Spiderman! I hate that show so much. I liked Spectacular Spiderman which was the last Spiderman show a lot, which just makes Ultimate Spiderman hurt that much more.
            I sort enjoyed the move “Amazing Spiderman.” more than I thought I would when I first saw it, but the more I think about it, the more I realise that was a dumb movie.
            The new Conan the Barbarian was an embarrising movie.
            So was the new “The thing.”
            “Mirror Mirror.” was a project just screaming bad all over the place from the get go.
            “The Green hornet.”  so wanted to like that movie, and I hate it.

            “Dark Shadows.” hahaha.. you make me slightly insane. But! in this case there was another remake made in “1991” which I liked a lot! so this goes to prove that it’s not the fact that it’s a remake that makes me not like it.. it’s the movie in itself!

            When I watch a re-make or what-ever, I never set it up against what came before it, I look at it as its own entity, because I think it’s unfair to exspect a movie to be “Just like that thing.”  A movie shouldn’t exist to be a carbon copy or some-thing that all-ready exists.

            And a movie will never be a “Perfect representation.” of it’s source material! it will always be, nothing more, than an “interpretation.” that’s all it can be!

            And I genuinly love the Peter Jacksons Lord of the rings movie triology, I grew up with it, it played a large part in my childhood and in my eyes it still holds up as the most epic fantasy movie ever created.

            I genuinely love the new muppets movie, it makes me happy just to watch it, and that’s what muppets should be.

            And I genuinly really like this new show, I have even gladly re-watched some episode to get it all with and am looking forward to the next episode, waiting in anticipation for Shredder and Splinter to have the battle of the decade!

            Glad I can be your numo one favourite person though, thanks, and cheers XD

            Btw.. the one single franchise which is the most meaningful to me is “Harry Potter.” and I fully conceede the movies just aren’t as good as the books in any way.. they just aren’t.
            But.. well, at this point they exists and it’s all kind of over and done with, none of the movies are bad enough that I can go on a anger fit against them.. And then some-body made “A very potter musical.” which is absolutely amazing and I love it so much!

            Oh.. and another thing I always loved, my personal favourite fairy-tale. “Beauty and the beast.” I love that story so much.
            And wow, there was a modern re-imagining last year, it was called “Beastly.”
            Wauw.. couldn’t get un-board the twilight train, but this thing, this had me sold…


            And it’s not because I don’t believe you could make a re-imagining of beauty and the beast in a modern setting, with some brains you could.. this movie just very simply and plainly sucked.

          • Muthsarah

            “I even said in this video that I HATE Ultimate Spiderman”

            OK, yeah, forgive me for forgetting that, but TV comic cartoons aren’t my thing anymore (Batman: TAS was really the beginning and end of that)

            “When I watch a re-make or what-ever, I never set it up against what came
            before it, I look at it as its own entity, because I think it’s unfair
            to exspect a movie to be “Just like that thing.”

            Sure, but comparisons to older versions are still valid.  After all, what’s the point in remaking something if you don’t surpass the success of the previous version?  There’s attempting to re-tell an old story in a new way, and then there’s just shameless, lazy nostalgia-mining for the sake of short-term profit.  If a movie is OK on its own, but a pale shadow of a former version, it should rightfully be seen as a failure.  Not that the old TMNT cartoon was anything special or anything (but the movie…well, you already weighed in on that, but part of me finds it hard to accept that a fan of anything Turtles couldn’t like that movie).

            “And a movie will never be a “Perfect representation.” of it’s source
            material! it will always be, nothing more, than an “interpretation.”
            that’s all it can be”

            I’ve come to believe over the years that this is one of my major sticking points with film adaptations.  To me, a film based on a book isn’t just an interpretation of that book, it is very much THE representation of it in another medium.  That the film should do everything it can to represent all that’s good about the book, just with visuals, sound, and whatever else that books can’t convey, to be the book in cinematic form.  It doesn’t have to be a PERFECT representation, but it should always ATTEMPT to be faithful.  When film adaptations take unnecessary liberties with the text to “dumb it down” for a general audience, it comes off as a slap in the face to the fans who love the original work and want to see it in the purest form possible.  Because there are things a movie can convey that a book simply can’t, no matter how good the book is.  But, since movies are a commercial production, the emphasis is always going to be on appealing to new audiences, rather than giving the hardcore fans what they want, since it can be assumed they’ll pay good money no matter what; their money is assured, just focus on appealing to those moviegoers who wouldn’t otherwise care about the story, appeal to the know-nothings.  And I gotta say, it feels insulting that the filmmakers would take our love for granted, even if I understand that it may not be their decision alone whether to do that.  And yeah, I understand that there are a great many fans of the books who are also fans of the movies.  I…just don’t understand how they manage that, and how they can’t get so hung-up on these insulting changes as I (and the bitter minority) do.

            “Btw.. the one single franchise which is the most meaningful to me is
            “Harry Potter.” and I fully conceede the movies just aren’t as good as
            the books in any way.. they just aren’t.”

            Well, here I jump onto the other foot.  I think some of the movies actually capture the books pretty well.  Azkaban and Prince, at the least.  Then again, I was never really that into the Potter books; they were fun, but they were fluff, and I was always well above the intended age, having not read the first one until I was almost twenty.  So any changes or edits made to the movies just don’t mean as much to me as do the ones in Tolkien’s works, which I did read as a child.

            “Oh.. and another thing I always loved, my personal favourite fairy-tale. “Beauty and the beast.” I love that story so much.”

            Being an old movie wonk, I have to ask: have you seen the Cocteau version, from 1946?  It doesn’t have the most satisfying ending, but it’s well worth a look if you have any interest in the story, and it just isn’t as widely-known as it should be.  IMHO, it’s one of the finest movies of the 1940s.

          • Sofie Liv

             Well, that’s the danger when making some-thing from a book or comic into a movie.

            If the movie gets popular chances are that is what the genneral public will think about when you bring up this franchise that you love. And yes, when you love the original so much and just want to share the awesomeness, that sucks!

            That’s why I care so much about Wonder Woman at the moment, because whom-ever gets to make a movie with her, gets to define her for an entire genneration because she has not been defined at all in the public eye since the seventies.

            But, we have to look at realism here, because all a movie can be, as I said before, is an interpretation, it can never be any-thing else. Never ever, it’s physically impossible.

            Question just begs if the new interpretation is a good or a bad interpretation.

            There’s tons of things out there taking a lot of liberties from its source material that are great.

            You said you grew up with turtles, I am going to assume the 87 TV show, but as I stated in this video.. the 87 pretty much shits all over the original comic if we get right down to it.
            Does that make the 87 a worse show? … not really.. it just makes it a new entitiy far removed from the comic.
            But on the other hand, people whom really loved this show, for them it wouldn’t be so far off to go back and check out the comics themselves, and thus the comics survives another day. 

            Now the Dragon Ball movie also shit all over its manga origins, but the difference here is that that, even as its own thing, is a really bad movie.

            “The shining.” Stephen King hated Kubrics version of it because he felt it was shitting on his book, he hated it so much that he just went ahead and made his own TV-version of it.. which is an entitity good enough in its own right, and compleately different form the Kubrick movie. But still, because the Kubrick movie is a Kubrick movie, we still stands as a classic.

            I think all girls on this site pretty much agree the TV show “Sherlock.” is one of the best things man kind ever created.. what is it? It’s sherlock holmes moved to modern day, meaning.. it takes place in 2009, the same year the show aired.. and it’s still damn great, on the same time as clearly being a fan-boys tribute to the original holmes books.
            It’s a new thing AND it is a tribute to it’s source, and it handles both those aspects so well, which is what all re-makes should be. And the new ninja Turtles show is.

            And well.. hah! that’s some-thing we much disagree on, again, I don’t think “Prisoner of Azkaban” is in any way a bad movie.. surprisingly bland, but not bad. but in my opinion it does not hold a candle to the book at all, to me, it just never captures the emotions of the book, or it never manages to generate emotions equally as big itself.

            Obviously I don’t think “LotR” was dummed down in the movies.
            Yes Peter Jackson took liberties and added stuff.. but a movie needs another narrative than a book, thing need to be established differently and paid off differently.
            Yes Peter Jackson stuffed humour and cool things in it to generate “Wow.” moments… which quite frankly, when sitting watching an epic I do want a couple of “wow” moments in it… honestly.. that’s sort of what I paid for. 

            But I find that as in a movie to be improvements, here’s the thing.. The original Lord of the rings books are very dry! and they are a hard read through.
            If we just went straight ahead with all the big none of the breaks, we would end with a movie that pretty much feels like “Kingdom of heaven.” which were a good movie that really accomplished some-thing… but god was it boring. That’s also how I feel about Christopher Nolan Movies.. yep, they are impressive all-right.. but man are they dry and man that is NOT what I kick back to after a hard days work when I want to relax.
            Then granted, neither is LotR.. because christ those are long, but you get my point right?

            And yes, Yes I have seen the old French version of Beauty and the beast which the Disney movie is clearly deeply inspired from.. you could even call the disney movie.. dare I say it.. a re-make?
            There’s also an french genuine re-make from 1976 which is pretty cool.

    • I knew that me appearing on camera wouldn’t please some people since I’m not an actor at all and I was a bit nervous about appearing in a video that would be seen worldwide but it was just a really great opportunity to be in one of Sofie’s videos because I am a fan. Like Sofie said, it’s not a regular thing and I’m back in my place as a commenter. Maybe you’ll get that opportunity to punch me one day. :)

  • Sofie left out The Next Mutation.  This makes me sad.

    While never considered a great show, it’s the one that I actually did grow up with- the 80s show I watched, but it was going on 6 seasons by the time I would even watch shows and go on to remember them.  TNM on the other hand, I could watch after school along with my Power Rangers and Spiderman.

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, I just consider “The Next Mutation.” as part of the 87 Teenage mutant ninja turtle series as it sort of follows the same continueuty (even though the continuity in that show has always been very vague.)

      The same way i consider the “Turtles in the future.” and “Back to the sewers.” story-line a part of the 2003 show as yet again, in spite of some design changes, it follows the same continuity. all though admittedly it’s more important in the 2003 show as there are things happening in those two time-lines that only makes sense of you are aware what happened in previous seasons.

      So yeah, it’s a part of the 87 show. but of cause, I only re-watched some of the shows earliest episodes for this, time limit ya know.

      •  Fair enough.  If anything, it follows the movies’ continuity more than the 87 shows, but that’s not a major issue to me as, as you said, continuity hasn’t exactly been straightforward with this series anyway.

  • Oh, Sofie and any commenters-  favorite theme song?  I have to admit an unfair fondness for the original myself.

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, just to show how much of a tribute the 2012 is to the 87, it’s actually the same theme tune!

      Seriously, give it a listen, it’s the exact same song, they just changed some of the instrumentals in the back-ground, that’s it!

      But still, the 87 version of that same song is definetely more up-beat which a much more solid beat and some cool guitar riffs in the back-ground that the 2012 version lack.

      The 2003 theme song is okay to, it’s pretty catchy in its own right, and sounds pretty cool.

      But yeah, there’s a reason why the 87 tune is so damn catchy and a classic to this day, it’s just up-beat eighties themes at its best.

      Like the Wonder Woman theme tune, the power rangers theme tune and this, it just pushes up your adranalin with a snap, so yeah.

      • My problem with the new theme is the rap.  And don’t get me wrong- I don’t dislike it for its quality.  I dislike it because I have yet to think of a show with a rap opening that wasn’t specifically about African American culture that went anywhere.

  • Anyone else think the two guys double teamed Sofie after that review?

    • MephLord

      I have a semi-serious question…how soon until we get a Gangdam Style porno?  I can almost picture most of the video scenes being expanded on in some way…although the elevator scene is not one I’d want to see as presented…ehhhhh yeah…

      • I don’t know. But I did do a spoof of the Call On Me music video…

    • $36060516

      You mean Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman?

  • James M. Fabiano

    I can’t watch videos here…I try to click it and the screen just goes black.

    • Sofie Liv

       Huh weird.. i have that problem with some videos on this site.. like the Twilight breaking Dawn part 1 review on the Movie Skewer, I couldn’t watch that either.

      I hope that it’ll fix itself if you just give it time, other people can watch videos just fine, and it’s only that one video I havn’t been able to watch, the rest works fine. I just don’t know why it happened to our computers..

    • Muthsarah

      Have you tried clearing your Cookies?  If you’re using Firefox, go to Tools, Options, Security, then clear your cookies.  I used to be unable to see almost any video outside of Blip, but now I can see anything anywhere.