RAW FEED: Teenage Butts For Sale

The question shouldn’t be, ‘Why would you buy shorts that show off your butt cheeks?’

The question should be, ‘Why would you sell shorts (TO MINORS) that show off their butt cheeks? What made you think sexualising teen and preteen girls was a good idea?’

Alternative title: I should have been making a video about VidCon, but instead I’m talking about butts.

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  • GearĂ³id

    The change now is shocking really, when I was a teenager in the late 90s early 2000s I remember the fashion being maybe bagy sports pants and maybe the occasional tight black or white trousers mixed in with a mini skirt for the girls, I am a guy.
    Now it’s just off the wall ridiculus, with young girls wearing the most revealing clothes in my small town and hanging out at McDonald’s and I have heard off people who work in youth services that the new generation are very hollow, no clearly defined different groups who listen to different music and dress to match this, it’s all pretty bland and hipsters stand for nothing from what I can see except looking cool and wearing shades on an overcast winter day.
    It’s kind of a deliberate attempt at targeting young girls to think it’s cool to leave nothing to the imagination and literally see them dressed like this every day, there growing up too fast as a result and also they look really stupid as well.
    I would just ask what’s the point, none of the older girls are that stupid to look like that.