VIDEO: Teen Titans Go! / Beware the Batman

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Sofie takes a look at two new DC shows currently airing on Cartoon Network.

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TV Show: Teen Titans Go!

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  • MephLord

    I hate Teen Titans Go, Beware the Batman, Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble. That’s why I still watch Teen Titans, JLU, Young Justice, Batman and Superman: TAS, Spectacular Spider-Man, Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Men Evolution, Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes, Fantastic Four: Worlds Greatest Heroes, and even the old 1990’s Marvel cartoons are better than the stuff they are giving us now.

    • Sofie Liv

      I kind of liked The Batman….. of cause it wasn’t Batman Tas, nothing ever will be, but I still liked it.

      And well, todays episode as Beware the Batman was actually particularly good, Katana gets points for making me laugh by show-casing spot on dry humour. I like that in any character.

      And I am okay with Teen Titans go to, took me a while to get over the initial problems, but I don’t hate it or any-thing.
      Hell, it might even make new-comers check out the old 2005 show, and if that happens, good on them.

    • Jay_Bay

      You do have to admit the Ultimate Deadpool episode of Ultimate Spiderman was full on meta hilarity….even though they took massive liberties on a LOT of comic history

      Also 90s Spiderman/X-Men FUCK YEAH!

      • MephLord

        I actually hated that episode. Maybe cause I don’t find Deadpool funny at all…

        • Jay_Bay

          …….Deadpool. Not funny.

          No, but seriously, it’s understandable. His humor (based on my knowledge) is right on the line of the absurd and the annoying. It is very easy (and that episode depicted it) to fall on annoying very badly. If you excuse me for being hipster for a moment, I think I like it ironically. It’s like that episode brought out everything haters hate on the show and spat it on the screen, but they try to play it off like “Yes, it’s crap and we know it. And we’re sorry.”

          • Sofie Liv

            Ultimate Spiderman just sucks at every-thing it does, including humour.

            I did see the deadpool episode, and no, I did not like it -_-;

    • The_Stig

      Is it possible to un-cancel Green Lantern and Young Justice?

  • Jay_Bay

    Ms. Liv, if you answer this in the video, I apologize cuz I haven’t finish watching it. But I better ask now lest I forget to later. Question is: Do you think these shows (though not bad) was worth cancelling Young Justice (a show that was getting damn good near the end) for?

    Anyone else can answer it, for that matter.

    • Sofie Liv

      That is not how programming works.

      Young Justice was not cancelled to make room for these shows, these shows were being made any-way.

      Young Justice was cancelled because of lacking viewership, and they ended up in lacking viewership because they shot themselves in the foot in the beginning of second season by having such a certain time-skip and way to much exsposition about where are we now, and who are these new people and so on.

      Would I prefer Young Justice over these two shows?

      I don’t know.. I wasn’t one of the people going complete gaga over Young Justice, to me it was no Teen Titan or Justice league, but decent in its own right.

      And well, comparing these three shows is like comparing apples, oranges and bananas. I can’t answer that.

      It sucked that young justice ended on a cliffhanger, really it did, and I would have liked to see more of Green Lantern as well, but what can you do?

      • Jay_Bay

        And that, my friends is how someone gets schooled lol.

        Seriously, I would dumb these two for a chance to get Young Justice back, but I know that’s not how things work. I like the idea of Beware the Batman-Batman fighting some of his lesser known villains. But yeah, you got to have at least one headliner one (they mention Ra’s but maybe a TwoFace two parter (see what i did there).

  • Muthsarah

    So it sounds like you’d be OK with them retiring Batman for a decade or so. Or maybe I’m confusing you with me. They’ve tried everything with him now, so the only things left that are new….aren’t that good. Either stick him in a time machine and have Steampunk Batman, Renaissance Batman, or Batman vs. the Cave-People!!…or else just let him go and come up with some new supe….OK, yeah, that’ll never happen. But what else is there to do with him? He’s never been bigger, but neither has he ever been boringer or more played out.

    • Jay_Bay

      The Adventures of Bat-Pirate on the 7 Seas….


      • Sofie Liv

        Funny enough, I would be fine with another Batman feature movie.

        I do dream about a Batman movie taking a more artistic gothic take.

        We are talking crooked dark streets, having rain falling down, a thunderbolt of lighting lightening up a creepy gargoyle, and then a certain joker laughter filling up the street.

        I wouldn’t mind that Batman movie to be made here and now.

        But Batman for television? yes… yes he deserves a break for a decade or two, and they should give some other superheroes a chance. There’s plenty to choose from.

        I would totally watch. “Captain Marvel, Shazam!” the animated series. or how about “The Doomsday patrol!” or you know.. there’s a certain lady called Wonder woman whom has yet to get her own animated show… just pointing that out..

        All though yeah.. I would totally watch the Bat-Pirate on the 7 seas! huh.. sounds like a one piece crew.. TO THE DRAWING BOARD!

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    so the bodyguards name is Katana?

    • MephLord

      Katana has been a DC character for a very long time. She was around when I was young and I always liked her. Her Marvel equivalent would be Meggan from Excaliber. A really good character but on a team that no one really cared about (Except for Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler).

      • Sofie Liv

        Did not know that.. urgh.. this series is using such obscure characters from the comic books.

        I guess all of the characters whom appeared so far actually do come from the DC comic books, but again, they are so damn obscure, I don’t know any of them -_-;

  • Question: Why reuse the old designs and voices of “Teen Titans”?
    Answer: To get views from those people who liked the older show. It is not a continuation, merely an aping of the content to extract value.
    Also, Batman without the rogues gallery, sounds more like they made up a pitch for a show, maybe an original character, and someone said, “This sounds like Batman” so they just made it Batman.

    • Uso Ewin

      The point of not using the more popular characters was to add a bit more personality to the show by showing more obscure villains. Is it really so important that we see Batman fight the joker in a new coat of paint for the 100th time.

      • JD

        Didn’t they do that with Batman: The Brave and the Bold?

        • Uso Ewin

          They did and it was awesome.

          • Sofie Liv

            Brave and the bold this use more known characters.

            It’s just instead of use exclusively Batman characters, like Justice League, they used different villains belonging to the different heroes that Batman teamed up with, which makes sense as Batman was not just home-bound to Gotham in that series.

            And we did see all of the classic Batman villains you exspect to see at some point.

      • I would argue Batman has been fully explored as a character, and any more iterations would just be a fresh coat of paint. Batman is the most prolific superhero of the 21st century, enough is enough.
        If you are not going to use his regular cast, then why even bother making it Batman?

      • Sofie Liv

        I’m sorry to say it.

        But I have to stand by my words from this video, Batman himself isn’t that interesting, what makes him interesting is the world he inhabits.

        Batman, is a very straight-forward character, and there is very little to explore about him, it almost became a joke with Burtons Batman movies where people said. “About Jokers transformation, bla bla, also it features Batman!” And Nolans “The Dark knight.” which is considered his best movie is also a case of. “Also it features Batman aside from these other things that mostly take up the movie.”
        And my biggest example, and I wonder why no one has ever brought this up.. Batman Tas..
        It is ridicoulusly rare that an episode in Batman Tas is actually about Batman, he seems way more like an observer and we spend all of our time with the rouge gallery, some-times you even got to go. “Oh yeah.. Batman is in this..”

        And that’s because, there is not much to Batman, not that much to explore, and his rouges is actually the very interesting part.

        Batman is one of those rare heroes where his Rouges are just as famouse as he are, and people go to watch a Batman movie, just as much for the rouges as for Batman himself.

        We are at a point, where Batman Joker just belongs together, they are a collective set, and thus far.. Beware the Batman has yet to wauw me with any of their villains… I don’t really remember any of them.

        Lack of familiar rouges wouldn’t be so big an issue if the new ones were freaking awesome and made me go. ‘Holy crap’ .. but thus far.. no… not really there yet.

        Katana though, got extra points from me yesterday for making me laugh, by showcasing dry sarcastic humour to put Bruce in his place. She’s actually growing on me :)

  • Gallen_Dugall

    It occurs to me that modern retreads spend a lot of time and effort to remind us that we could be watching the superior product that inspired them.

    • Sofie Liv

      well, some-times it just pans out that way.

      Go watch the new “Teenage mutant ninja turtles show.” which actually did it! they improved the concepts that first inspired them and made a superior show!

      Good on them!

  • david f white

    Sophie, what do you think of the STar Wars :the clone wars TV show??
    I like some of them!! But overall the TV Show kind of sucks!!

    • Sofie Liv

      havn’t seen them, I am not really a star wars fan.

  • Carrie Kube

    For me, TTG! turned the male character into total a-holes (especially Beast Boy and Cyborg). Or they’ve been totally Flanderized. The only thing I liked was the references to other characters.

  • Thomas Hayes

    So Avengers Assemble’s no good then? I watched the first two episodes and they seemed decent enough, and that gimmicky editing and framing to resemble a comic certainly got my attention – although I don’t know how long that’s going to be interesting before the novelty wears off. EMH, which I watched a while back, was pretty good, it’s a shame they didn’t continue that.

    • Sofie Liv

      I didn’t watch to much of Avengers Assemble to be honest, I got tired with it pretty quickly and basically just gave up.
      I was also quite happy about Earth mightiest heroes, but they rather wanted some-thing like this that resembles the movie verse more, and it’s official now, Marvel is doing “Shared continuity.” so Ultimate Spiderman, Avengers Assemble, and Agents of Smash is taking place in the same univers, thus explaining why their animation style is exactly the same.
      Usually, a pretty good idea, worked fine for DC didn’t it, but here.. when the products just aren’t that good.. bleh..

  • bbally

    It’s funny that the Terra featured in that Go episode Terra-rized felt more like Terra from the comics than the Terra in the original show.