RAW FEED: Tech updates! Giveaway! I'M OLD!

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  • danbreunig

    It’s been a while so I’ll see if I can do a list summary once more.

    Nice to see and hear you in fine form again, Nycea! I can’t quite see the difference in quality from the new webcam but that’s really more about how I’m seeing things on my end on my own system (see below). Yay for progress!

    Mm, vintage cards. She looks more like Mercury here than in Crystal–maybe it’s because here she’s more face and less leg. Plus, foil-metallic sheen.

    In 1998 I was in my last year of school and just fifteen years away from discovering the Nycea Summaries.

    Hm, eh, thanks for reminding me that I’m the one now who’s behind the rest of the world because I don’t own a smartphone yet, and probably not for another year. Still at that level of having to be in a physical place at a physical time of day, depending on where and when I can access a stationary desktop PC. That waiting until getting home to see what everyone said today–it’s a very real thing. That’s not being old-fashioned, that’s being cheap. Speaking of…

    You think 30 is rough, do you? Try 40 and not feeling much better off than 20. At least in more recent times there’s more overlap between peer groups so relating with each other is quite a bit better than it used to be. Dark times, those. Speaking of…

    Replace drawing anime with wanting to be in a band and that’s me in high school–even had the same level of social (non-?) interaction.

    Dang, I’m going on a selfish run here. Let’s make this about you again.

    I suggest: Patreon Power Prize Pack Party! Or maybe: Nycea’s Nice Novelties.

    Once again, if you feel too swamped to make videos, feel free to free yourself from them for a while. Then after replenishing your energies your return to video becomes all the more sweeter. My way of saying absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    7:02-7:10. Just adorable.

    Looking forward to more health and fitness tips with a dash of Moon.