RAW FEED: Tales from the Tabletop: My F.A.T.A.L. Story

So, why did I just start reviewing a RPG out of nowhere?

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  • Jay_Bay


    -shocked expression lasts for 5 mins after the video stops-

    What…..I…..what? I….I just don’t….what? You said all this and I’m like…..FUCK ALL THAT SHIT! Hell, even in Solkir’s short description of his experience just prove that this “system” is just some sick sex sim with RPG elements haphazardly applied. I seen some shit, I am not a saint by any means, but even I….just, what?

    • Maxine of Arc

      Based on Solkir’s punchline, I would guess none of this happened. I certainly hope it didn’t. XD

  • Maxine of Arc

    You got me.

  • danbreunig

    Dedication, thy name is Solkir.

  • seiler88

    You should have fought for the priests.

    What the hell was the party’s original mission? were they just Chaotic Evil bandits?

  • GreenLuthor

    I’m pretty sure this is a more likely explanation for the existence of FATAL than the idea that someone said “Hey, you know would would be a good idea for a game…?”.