RAW FEED: Tales from the Tabletop: F.A.T.A.L.: Byron's Rebuttal

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  • Maxine of Arc

    I had to scrape my jaw off the floor when you got to the racist armor items. I can’t even start with his persistent calling women “females,” calling mentally challenged people “retards,” I just.. I cannot. I hate Byron Hall and everybody he’s ever met.

    Solkir, you have truly taken one for the team with this. I salute you.

  • Jay_Bay


    Oh man, I come back to this later. Gotta get a good meal in me first.

  • Jason Withrow

    Did Burnout just… call out some STIs as inconsequential in a FATAL: The RPG of Petty Minutiae? Even setting aside the issue of the numerous, omnipresent lethal STIs, scratching every D4 minutes seems like the sort of thing FATAL would dedicate five pages to detailing.

    You’re absolutely right about them picking and choosing – in fact, the simulation approach is so inappropriate for their gross objective that there’s three distinct layers of design problems here: problems with the simulation, problems with the terrible fantasy, and problems that happen when you try to force an awful but exacting simulation on an awful but exaggerated… goal. And that’s temporarily setting aside the moral problems, which is very hard.

    I had read the review before I watched your videos, but somehow this was all worse than I had gone in expecting: morally, design-wise, morally again.

  • GreenLuthor

    The Magic Armors of Grossly Offensive Racist Stereotypes were removed from the 2004 revision, but all the rest of the racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and generally scatological/puerile nonsense were left in, so… yeah, it’s still a terrible game by and for terrible people.

    Hall does try to pretend to be classy and educated in the revision by renaming the Maim Master; now they’re the Aedile. (“Historically, an Aedile was a Roman official in charge of the games and had control over the public.”) But, really, he left in “Have Her Cadaver”, so I don’t think he’s fooling anyone.

    There’s so, so much more that could be said about FATAL (and probably has over the years), and the “rebuttal”, but I’ll limit myself to the following bits from the latter:
    -Hall: “Although a vagina can expand, it
    may not have sufficient time to expand without ripping when encountering a manhood that
    exceeds its Vaginal Circumference Potential. I have known it to happen.”
    -Burnout: “Well, it could be possible to injure a woman by going too deep. From personal experience I know the pain it can cause.”

    We get it, guys. You both have enormous dicks. (Or they are enormous dicks, it’s hard to tell.) (Seriously, is there any other way to interpret what they’re trying to say there?)

    Solkir, you deserve many props for putting up with this game long enough to make these videos. (Given the depth and scope of the problems in FATAL – from the mechanics, to the setting, to the very tone – one could easily go on for twice as long, but no human being should ever have to endure that much FATAL.)