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On this episode of Movie Madhouse, Josh examines Taken 2, the follow-up to that one movie you remember from a few years ago with that one scene. Back for a pointless, ever-so-slightly xenophobic sequel, Liam Neeson is… the Taken guy.

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  • Big_dsr

    The movie was bad. But the cop he shot was definitely in with the bad guys, as the film shows him calling the head baddie. 

    •  Huh, didn’t notice that. Course as unengaging as the film is, can you blame me?

  • Liam Barrett

    The original Taken was a ridiculous film, but I liked it for the same reason I liked Crank (though a lot less)- it felt like a legitimate B-Movie, as opposed to something trying REALLY HARD to be one.

    Also oddly, the scene I remember from the first one isn’t that speech. It’s the bit where Neeson finds out that his best friend has turned on him be threatening to shoot his wife… then actually shoots her.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Thanks for taking the bullet for us, Josh.  I had been looking forward to seeing this film but once the critic reviews started coming in I had a feeling it was going to be a suckfest.

  • Princess Miagky

    One of the characters in the first film was Amanda (the one who dies in the Parisian crib).  But, you’re right, I couldn’t remember anyone else’s name, even the hero or his daughter…hmm.

  • CDiehl

    I’m just glad the movie finally came out. For about half the summer, it seemed like I couldn’t go to see a movie without the trailer for this running before it.

  • TheCrazyFish

    I remember back in 2009 when Taken was released in America, watching the trailers for it. The trailer made it look, to me, like what I thought would have been a really, really cool movie. What I thought it was going to be was a movie about a normal guy – not a Navy Seal, or a Marine, or a rogue cop on the edge – just a normal man who loved his daughter, and what that man would do to protect her.

    Obviously that’s NOT what Taken ended up being, but I still say that I would LOVE to see someone make a movie like that. I would love to see an action hero who doesn’t have any amazing training, who is not an unstoppable juggernaut of shooty death. He doesn’t come out unscathed and the whole time he’s clearly in way over his head, but in the end he comes out on top anyway because he’s just that determined.

    •  They did make that movie. It’s called Finding Nemo.

      • TheCrazyFish

        … holy crap, you’re totally right about that. I never thought of that movie that way before.

        Although, that’s not entirely what I was thinking. I was thinking of a movie that IS a dark action movie, but where the hero isn’t an unstoppable badass.