Take A Few Minutes And Watch Diana Ross Have A Sexxxy Dream Circa 1982

This came up on a playlist today and then we remembered that Michael Jackson’s pet snake was named “Muscles” and Diana Ross gave it to him as a gift:

Michael Jackson - With Pet Snake

And then we vaguely remembered that the video was sorta weird and yep, it’s sorta weird. Dreamstate Diana Ross sings to Sleeping Diana Ross, and then Dreamstate Diana grabs her hair in angst and then there is a bed full of oiled muscle guys but not in a gay way and then there is a small child making the universal “look at these guns” muscle symbol and then Dreamstate Diana is flying through the stars and over the waterfall and then Sleeping Diana Ross tosses and turns, mumbling “muscles, muscles, muscles.” Fade out.

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  • natl_[redacted]_cmdr

    This video has everything: writhing, muscles, 80s hair, that thing where Diana Ross space-flies over a fake village built on a muscle man. And Buster Keaton.

  • meepmeep09

    Yep, that’s 80’s weird all right.Here’s more 80’s weird (following annoying 20 second ad), but with moar flash and moar over-the-top production values, and… snakes!A Michael Jackson production, featuring big sister Rebbie.