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Psycho (1998)

For quite a while now, many film fans (including myself) have noted the countless remakes/reboots that are coming out of the woodwork. One example of this which certainly gave remakes/reboots a bad name was Gus Van Sant’s follow-up to his…

True Detective: Maybe Tomorrow

It's day three of our True Detective marathon! We last left Colin Ferrell in a bloody heap with shotgun wounds all over his body, but don't worry nothing comes of that. Also, there's lots of police investigation stuff, but nothing comes of that either. Not coming is also a major theme.

True Detective: Night Finds You

Our True Detective Season 2 marathon continues with a recap a day until we catch up. This week, proof that guns don't kill people. Or at least not people whose names appear in the opening credits. Better luck next time, bird-face!