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VIDEO: Frankenstein (1931)

For the final installment in her three-part classic horror special, Sofie takes a look at what might be the most influential classic of them all: James Whale's Frankenstein, starring Colin Clive as the mad scientist that started it all, and horror legend Boris Karloff in his iconic role as the Monster!

VIDEO: The Wolf Man (1941)

Sofie is joined by the Fear Fan, who gets a bit uncomfortable with her... eccentric behavior. But that doesn't stop the two from reviewing The Wolf Man starring Lon Chaney, Jr as the poor cursed soul who becomes a werewolf, and Claude Rains as his strict father.

VIDEO: Dracula (1931)

It's Halloween, and Sofie has decided to exploit the horror classics... in more ways than one. First up, it's a special black and white episode as she takes on the classic that started it all, 1931's Dracula, starring horror legend Bela Lugosi in his iconic role as Count Dracula. Featuring special guest appearances by all your favorite Agony Booth reviewers!