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The Flash: Identity Theft

This week on The Flash: so many secret identities, so little time. The Flash faces off with a villain who can be anyone, and Cisco discovers the true Harrison Wells. Plus, yet another Arrow crossover.

Timeline (2003)

“They join the battle alongside the French, all the while causing, presumably, numerous time paradoxes by blatantly messing with history. Or not. Timeline doesn’t really concern itself with such trivia.”

Looper (2012)

“In some ways, it’s like the Goodfellas of time travel films—a compelling drama and character study of people we would never want to cross paths with in real life. ”

VIDEO: Primer (2004)

We mark the release of Upstream Color by looking at writer-director Shane Carruth's debut Primer, the dense and confusing story of two scientists who accidentally create a time machine in their garage. Dr. O'Boogie takes a deeper look at the twisted tale of multiple timelines that sent scores of people to the internet desperately searching for an explanation of the plot.

VIDEO: Time Changer (2002)

It's the belated final episode of Time Travel Month! Phil Buni looks at Time Changer, a really poorly made Christian sci-fi film where a professor from 1890 gets in Captain Stubing's time machine and travels to 2002. There, he's horrified to discover that America is no longer the god-fearing country it never was. It's hilariously awful!