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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Visionary”

Listen: Miles O’Brien has come unstuck in time. Yes, we’re doing “Visionary” this week. One O’Brien’s worst ordeals, this episode features the long-suffering chief catapulted through time, on each occasion trying to correct a horrible misfortune, only to return to…

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Whispers”

Welcome once again to… This Trial of Miles occurs only one week after the last one, “Armageddon Game”, in which Miles almost died from exposure to chemical weapons. “Whispers” finds O’Brien growing increasingly desperate and paranoid in the midst of…

Top 6 metafictional TV episodes

Metafiction in TV and movies is a technique or style that’s getting a lot of attention these days. Whether writers feel comfortable going meta due to audiences demanding increasingly sophisticated material, or due to the way that new forms of…