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Star Trek: Lower Decks “Veritas”

This week’s cold open is a dang hot one! The setting: K’Tuevon Prime. Our four intrepid lower decks ensigns are pushed inside a circular stone dungeon in a creepy tower. Jagged metal barriers retract from the door frame, preventing them…

Star Trek: Voyager “Q2”

We have now come to the final installment of… …and boy, does it suck! This episode aired in the latter half of Voyager‘s final season. By this point, the show had already given up on its premise and decided…

Star Trek: Voyager “Death Wish”

While Star Trek: The Next Generation ended with “All Good Things…” (and from everything I’ve been hearing about Star Trek: Picard, I have good reason to continue viewing “All Good Things…” as TNG’s true ending), the Trek franchise wasn’t…