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Powerless: Wayners and Losers

A visitor approaches Emily’s desk and asks her to validate his parking. She tries to explain that she’s the senior vice-president of research and development and thus above petty administrative tasks like that, despite the fact that she has a…

Powerless: No means no!

It’s cold season in Charm City! No, it’s not the season where everyone passes viral infections to each other. It’s when all the ice-theme superheroes–Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, etc–come to town and ruin the weather. Emily insists that…

Powerless: Sink or swim

At Wayne Security, the team gathers to watch a news report about Atlantis being attacked, days before the annual holiday Sinking Day. Atlantis is the home of the superhero Aquaman but in the Powerless universe, it’s also the where William…

Powerless: #Girlboss or #BFF?

One thing I do like about the world of “Powerless” is that every Charm City resident seems over super villain hijinks. The Joker rigs two evacuating ferries with explosives and Gotham loses their minds. General Zod and Superman [edited

Powerless: A not-so-powerful pilot

Wow, it’s only the pilot episode, and DC Comics has already fucked up my New Year’s resolution for them. This version of Powerless is way different from the trailer that premiered at the San Diego Comic Con. The previous pilot’s…

New Year's resolutions for our favorite TV/movie characters

January 1st is coming soon, but we're not the only people who can use 2017 as chance to start something new. Our favorite TV and movie characters should use the coming new year to better themselves too. Or at the very least, become less terrible. ...To watch, I mean. I don't care if someone is a good person, so long as they entertain me.