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Riverdale: Baby on Board

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Riverdale, where there’s only one high school and one restaurant but there’s an Uber service that will take you to teen nightclubs. As much as I like ragging on Riverdale and its strange economy, I…

Scream Queens: Poison Control

The Red Devil is back and the Chanels are positive Dean Munsch is beneath the mask. However, their plans to kill the killer don't go so well. Meanwhile, Grace debates having sex with Pete. Glad to see Grace has her priorities straight, with a killer running around and all.

Scream Queens: I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost!

The Kappa sisters exchange scary stories, but the real horror comes from Hester's plans to sabotage Chanel. Boone convinces people that he is a ghost so he can carry out his unfinished business. We could call the Ghostbusters, but even they couldn't save these people from their own stupidity.