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Star Trek: Picard “Remembrance”

Star Trek may take place in the future, but like all science fiction, it’s really about the present. The original Star Trek was suffused with Kennedyan optimism and a very ’60s faith in the power of science, Western-style democracy, and…

My hopes for Star Trek: Picard

As most everyone is aware by now, the next Star Trek series, Star Trek: Picard, is set to begin on CBS All Access next year. Like Star Trek: Discovery, it will only be available for viewing on the…

VIDEO: Star Trek Nemesis (2002)

On the eve of the Star Trek franchise heading into darkness, Dr. O'Boogie looks back at the TNG cast's final outing Star Trek Nemesis, which somehow became the most reviled entry in the series despite there being a few other Star Trek movies that are at least as dumb. But it's a shameless ripoff of Wrath of Khan starring an up and coming British actor, and who would possibly want to see that?