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Movie Duel: The Truman Show vs. EDtv

In my Movie Duel columns, I opine on the subject of “movie twins”—two very similar movies released in close proximity to one another. It seems like a straightforward concept, but in the course of doing Movie Duels, I’ve learned that…

Hit or Bomb? December movie predictions

December is the time of the year that brings yule tidings, whatever the hell those are, along with the studio's most family-friendliest blockbusters and their most Oscar-batiest of awards contenders. The release of another Star Wars film is imminent and looms large over this month's releases, but there are still plenty of other films vying for your hard-earned ticket dollars this December.

10 Movies the Oscars Forgot in 2013

“Every year their choices are boring and predictable, and every year there are scores of deserving movies that get overlooked. So I thought instead of the usual routine, I would make a list of those movies instead.”