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House of Cards Season 5 coming soon to Trumpmerica

How can television top a White House taken over by a cabal of billionaires, Russian agents, and white supremacists, nominally led by an elderly orange-skinned, ignoramus TV star with spray-tan goggle eyes, whose trophy wife comically refuses to live with…

Homeland: Gone Girl (S5 E11 Recap)

In the season penultimate, the countdown has begun. Peter Quinn may have to make one more sacrifice. Allison is dumped by the Kremlin, but if she wants her alimony, she's got one more mission. Saul interrogates Marwan and it feels like deja vu all over again.

Homeland: Everybody Hates Carrie

Somebody's gotta take the fall for the CIA snafu in Berlin, and it can't be Carrie since she's no longer in the game anymore. Besides, she's too busy dodging assassins on both sides of the War on Terror in this week's Homeland recap.