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VIDEO: Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

Jump scare! Phil Buni's March Medical Madness continues with this very meta sequel, where a group of film students break into a mental hospital to investigate whether the events of the first film actually happened. Because we all know how well Blair Witch 2 turned out!

VIDEO: V/H/S (2012)

UPDATED Nov. 9, 2012 with commentary from Count Jackula and Horror Guru! Holy Inception, Batman! Count Jackula and Horror Guru get trapped in a tape... within a tape, as they review the new found-footage horror anthology V/H/S.

VIDEO: Grave Encounters (2011)

Phil Buni joins the site with a found footage horror movie that mocks bad reality TV! It's basically a better-than-expected Paranormal Activity clone, reviewed by a stoned bunny that really likes talking about people going insane a lot. Features a guest cameo from the Nostalgia Chick that's super important to the integrity of the review!