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Lowkey Loki: Loki “Glorious Purpose”

“Wait a minute,” you may say, if you’ve been keeping up. “Isn’t this guy dead?” Yes indeed, the opening scene of Avengers: Infinity War saw the godly neck bones of Loki, Tom Hiddleston’s breakout semi-villain, going crack. And because he…

Star Trek: Lower Decks “Veritas”

This week’s cold open is a dang hot one! The setting: K’Tuevon Prime. Our four intrepid lower decks ensigns are pushed inside a circular stone dungeon in a creepy tower. Jagged metal barriers retract from the door frame, preventing them…

Star Trek: Lower Decks “Envoys”

In today’s cold open, we trot out a well-worn Star Trek trope of a glowing ball of energy invading the ship, much like the alien that impregnated Troi in the Next Generation episode “The Child”. Mariner and Tendi are wheeling…