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Riverdale: Daddy in a coma

“Our story is not over,” begins Jughead’s narration for the season 2 premiere of Riverdale. Hell yeah, it isn’t! Welcome to the town where there’s creepy wig rooms, strange obsessions with maple syrup, dramatic funerals, and an absurd amount…

Arrow: Now with 50% Less Sleeves!

A new season, a new name, a new uniform... and a new villain haunting Star City. Meet Damien Darhk and the ghosts. Plus, a freaking flash-forward because everyone apparently has to do that now, darn you, Shonda Rhimes!

MY GUILTY PLEASURE: The Carrie Diaries

Sex And the City 2 pretty much killed the franchise dead, and Carrie Bradshaw was condemned to the Fourth Circle of Hell, i.e., high school, for all eternity. Okay, it was just two seasons, but it felt like an eternity. Oh, who am I kidding--I LOVED IT.

Arrow FINALE: Welcome the new Ra's al Ghul!

Season finale time! Team Arrow fights to save Starling City from complete destruction, and before it's all over, there's a new Ra's al Ghul in charge of the League of Assassins. Plus, Oliver ends up happy... but how long can that last?