VIDEO: A look at NCIS

Grab your gear and don’t forget the Rules: this week we’re taking a look at NCIS, the lasagna of police procedurals. Warning: you may want lasagna by the end of this episode.

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  • maarvarq

    I must admit that I can’t remember the last full episode I watched (I surfed into one for a few minutes that had Deanna Troi playing Ziva’s mother(?)), but yeah, a lot of it that I saw was fun.

  • nonameblue

    I have a really hard time seeing any controversy in NCIS. I kind of liked the first seasons, but the main thrust (no surprise with a Bellisario series, either) was always that Gibbs gut Feeling ist right; that almost all marines etc. are good guys (most of the time they are victims, not perpetrators of crime); that torture works (and threatening somebody with Guantanamo is justified and okay for the “heroes”), that disregarding rules and the law was quite okay because the heroes are always right.
    Even when in a later epsiode they tried to deal with Gibbs killing his family’s Killers, they didn’t Show that self-vigilantism is wrong; no, the Kids of Drug bosses are of course also bad and rotten to the core. (The worst part was when Gibbs lectured Ziva on not taking revenge – ultimate in hypocrasy).

  • Mr. Equator

    If this show is Lasagne, then Bones must be pizza.