Sydney Leathers knows you’re not paying attention to her so she’d like to sell you a body part, please

Sydney Leathers Knows You're Not Paying Attention To Her So She'd Like To Sell You A Body Part Please

What is the worst thing we will have to write about today? Dok Zoom probably won/lost with having to write the rape roundup over at Wonkette, but we are feeling fairly close-secondish with having to wrangle with the knowledge that Sydney Leathers — yes, the Anthony Weiner sexting lady — is auctioning off part of her labia.


The illustrious Ms. Leathers, spokesperson for a sugar daddy website, is having labiaplasty and she is going to auction off the excess skin to some lucky soul who is willing to pay for that sort of thing and is a person we never ever wish to meet. How will this tasty treat arrive at his or her doorstep?

Pickled in a jar? Dried out like jerky? The latter would certainly lend itself to better branding opportunities. (Leathers’ Leathers sounds about right.) But no, she’s encasing it in lucite.

Well, at least that is classy. And so versatile! You can use it as a paperweight, display it on your shelves next to your books, or make a lovely coffee table centerpiece out of it! Really, there’s nothing you can’t do with a chunk of genetalia from a woman so determined to keep your attention that she will sell you the extra skin from her vag.

Sadly, we don’t have a link for you people to bid on this thing, and we aren’t going to Google for fear of actually seeing her labia, but good luck out there if you want to take your chances.


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