Suze Orman is tired of this basic cable crap, wants to make real money

Suze Orman is tired of this basic cable crap, wants to make real money

Suze Orman wants to be a financial Supernanny who swoops in and straightens out your misbehaving money. Or maybe more of a fiduciary Chef Robert who turns around your failing finances in 48 hours, Restaurant Impossible-style. The details aren’t 100% clear yet, but anyway, Suze Orman is abandoning her CNBC money show to take a more personal, hands-on, family-by-family approach to helping people with their financial struggles.


The new show will be called Suze Orman’s Money Wars and will air five days a week… somewhere. Do you have money troubles that are ruining your marriage and/or family relationships? Give Suze a call, and she’ll stage a financial intervention… with cameras rolling, of course.

The new show is being produced by Telepictures Productions (a Warner Bros. company) so presumably Suze is looking for a daytime syndication deal similar to The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The People’s Court (also Telepictures Productions productions) rather than basic cable.

Suze’s CNBC show will come to an end in March 2015, and the new series is expected to begin in 2016.

A quick trip into the HNTP archives reveals Suze to be “a power lesbian with a delightful blonde hairdo. She’s great. Get into her stuff” so it looks like we’ll be cheering for her new show to succeed. When in doubt, just believe the same thing the person before you did. It works for every major world religion, so why not.

PS: CNBC is picking up a new weekly primetime reality show from Jay Leno:

The weekly, hour-long CNBC series will be based on Leno’s Emmy Award-winning web series Jay Leno’s Garage, which is hosted on, and will cover all things automotive including classic cars, super cars, restoration projects, road tests, investments and the inner workings of the car collectors’ market.

Yeah, we don’t care either.

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