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This week on Survivor: There’s bird in the hand, a snake in the grass, and a rat in a cooking pot, but people are flipping out over nothing.

The episode begins with a quick look at what’s happening with each of the three tribes:

  • Angkor – Woo grateful that he was not voted out at the last Tribal Council where they ousted Jeff Varner.
  • Ta Keo – Literally nothing. Crickets.
  • Bayon – Major drama.

It seems the Bayonian females have taken the lead in food-gathering. Every morning, they go out crabbing and clamming and bring their finds back to camp for everyone to eat.

Yum, breakfast

Yum, breakfast

This seems to be going well until Monica suggests that maybe they shouldn’t gather every single clam they find every single day. Maybe they should pace themselves and save some for later in the game.

This suggestion makes Kimmi livid. She thinks it’s the stupidest thing she has ever heard. She thinks a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Plus, she’s hungry and Monica is getting on her nerves. Oh well. Maybe they’ll win something else to eat at the reward challenge.

Remember how last week was the seesaw from hell? This week, it’s ski ball from hell, with some added elements. One member from each team gets put in a barrel. The rest of that team rolls that barrel up to a series of hanging bags containing balls. The barrel person has to, in his or her dizzy state, retrieve the bags. Then, the teams essentially compete in a game of ski ball. Whichever team lands all their balls in the appropriate spots first wins reward.

Since Angkor has been losing so much, they’re down two members compared to the other teams. Ta Keo and Bayon will have to sit some folks out. Ta Keo sits out Terry and Kass. Bayon, whose strategy involves not using team members with funny last names, sits out Fishbach and Kelly Wiglesworth.

Now it’s on. Woo hops in the barrel for Angkor, Kelley Wentworth for Ta Keo, and Monica for Bayon.

Not the best position for someone with a belly full of clams

Not the best position for someone with a belly full of clams

Bayon turns out to be slow at barrel rolling, and Monica is particularly slow at bag retrieving. Bayon soon falls behind. Ta Keo and Angkor begin the ski ball portion first, with Keith rolling for Ta Keo and Woo rolling for Angkor. Finally, Bayon gets there, and Jeremy gets to rolling.

Keith is doing a good job, Woo is hanging in, and Jeremy sucks. Eventually, Spencer takes over for him and gains some ground, but it’s not enough. Ta Keo wins first place. They get lawn chairs, cushions, and hammocks, as well as some refreshments. Angkor gets second place and a tarp. Bayon loses and gets nothing.

Back at Camp Ta Keo, Terry goes snorkeling while everyone else sits around in their new lawn chairs and talks about how they will be the final five.

Over at Angkor, the prevailing attitude is that second place is as good as first place because at least it’s not last. Woo brags about how all the time he spends at Chuck E. Cheese has finally paid off.

I can kind of see it

I can kind of see it

And once Woo gets to talking, the revelations do not stop. He tells a very touching story about how his mother almost died and had to have a heart transplant. “She couldn’t give up because she loved us so much,” he says, moved to tears by the memory.

Everyone else is moved, too. Well, everyone but Abi. She accuses him of using the story to gain the others’ sympathies and says she had to have a tendon transplant in her knee which is basically the same thing but you don’t see her going around telling everybody.

Tasha tells the camera that having to be around Abi is especially trying (and this is coming from someone who is also starving and getting rained on). It seems that Tasha would consider voting Abi out next and keeping Woo.

Meanwhile at Bayon, no one is sweating losing the reward challenge. “It’s been our pattern so far to lose reward and win immunity,” says Spencer. I’m sure everything will be just fine.

Speaking of immunity challenges, this episode’s involves team members racing to a platform, climbing up one at a time, and then taking turns using a slingshot to launch sandbags at targets. The tribe that hits all their targets first, wins.

Bayon takes an early lead, but then it’s Fishbach’s turn to use the slingshot. He shoots and scores… for Angkor.

My bad!

My bad!

Between that and Woo’s solid hits, Angkor wins the challenge. Keith and Joe bring Ta Keo to second place, and Bayon loses. For the first time since Angkor was formed, Angkor is not going to Tribal Council; Bayon is.

Back at Camp Bayon, Spencer and Kelly Wiglesworth figure one of them will be voted out, since they’re former Ta Keons and the lifelong Bayonians have the majority. Spencer reacts to this like a normal person who wants to stay in the game. He goes around reiterating to everyone what a good team player he is and tries to gather reassurances that he won’t be the one to go.

K-Wigles, on the other hand, does nothing at all. She speaks to no one, makes no moves, and tries no strategies. It’s like the reward challenge all over again, with Kelly sitting out.

Consensus is building around sending K-Wigles home, but Monica isn’t so sure. She tells Kimmi about the “keep the girl numbers up” plan and suggests that they take Spencer out instead.

Here’s where things get interesting. Rather than agreeing to build a female alliance as a solid backup to the current Forever Bayon alliance, Kimmi goes and tells on Monica to the Bayonian boys. This is such an irrational reaction that I must assume she is still mad about the clams. Talking to Jeremy and Fishbach, Kimmi calls Monica a “snake in the grass” and a “total loose cannon.”

Better than a rat in a cooking pot, though

Better than a rat in a cooking pot, though

Kimmi suggests flipping on Monica because she might flip on them.

Next, the group proceeds to Tribal Council. Host Jeff Probst asks Monica if the night’s vote is locked down, and she says she believes it is. He asks Spencer and K-Wigles if they think one of them is going home, and they say yes they do.

The votes are cast. Monica votes for Kelly, Spencer votes for Kelly, Kelly votes for Spencer… and everyone else votes for Monica.

Wait, what?!

Wait, what?!

She could not have been more blindsided.

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